An amazing find

It’s not often that a clip turns up on YouTube that is as new and exciting as the description. “Rare” usually means something ypu’ve seen a million times before; “ultra rara” means it’s been recut but the same footage; “stereo” means it’s been redubbed with the current CD sound, often out of synch; “HD” means it’s been made widescreen by stretching.

But this week something truly rare and amazing has appeared: the concert section of 1978’s Olivia! television special, hosted by Olivia Newton-John with guest stars ABBA and Andy Gibb, in full stereo from start to finish, featuring parts at the beginning and end not included in the TV broadcast. Thank you, ArgoWho!


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6 Responses to “An amazing find”

  1. ABBAfan25 Says:

    Nice to see this show in it’s full glory. Could this be what was released on the Olivia! Laserdisc?

  2. Billy Says:

    could be from the laserdisc which i have but nothing to play it on

  3. Ian Cole Says:

    As far as I know the Laserdisc was exactly the same as the broadcast version. It was released at a time before bloopers, extras and alternate cuts became de rigueur.

  4. ABBAfan25 Says:

    We can only hope that someone finds an archive tape in the archives, and releases it on dvd, but I guess that won’t happen very soon…

  5. nede Says:

    very good!

  6. Dionisius Endy Says:

    Olivia Newton John – Andy Gibb – ABBA

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