ABBA book bonanza

Once upon a time fans complained that there weren’t very many books about ABBA, and most of the books available weren’t very good.

Today that has changed, with dozens of titles available in many languages. Biographies, memoirs, coffee table books. And not just printed books; there are also audio books and electronic books on the market. Just in the last couple of years there has been a selection of interesting books.

Carl Magnus Palm’s acclaimed biography Bright Lights Dark Shadows – The Real Story Of ABBA (originally published 2001) had an updated edition published in 2008. This version is now available for the Amazon Kindle ebook reader and also Kindle for iPhone. The updated edition is soon to be published in German (Licht und Schatten: ABBA – Die Wahre Geschichte), and has also been published as an audiobook. The audiobook, unabridged and running for 26 hours and 10 minutes, is available on 22 CDs, on 2 discs as mp3 files, or download from iTunes and Amazon.

Jean-Marie Potiez, author of the popular ABBA: The Book (2000) has added two more books in the last couple of years: ABBA The Scrapbook, which has hundreds of photographs and a cool 70s retro look throughout; and ABBA: Une légende nordique, a new French-language biography.

Elisabeth Vincentelli’s 2004 book ABBA Gold was made available as an audiobook, available on iTunes, in 2009. Elisabeth is also the author of ABBA Treasures – A Celebration of the Ultimate Pop Group (2010). ABBA Treasures is unique in that it features reproductions of various pieces of memorabilia, such as concert tickets, newspapers, tour programs, and other promotional items and merchandise. ABBA Treasures has appeared in English, Spanish, Danish and French editions.

Journalist Leif Schulman  and photographer Charles Hammarsten, who followed ABBA’s 1979 tour in North America, and released a book on the tour Succé på världs-scenen in 1979, have put together their stories and photographs in the book ABBA in America, a limited edition book published in English and Swedish editions.

Marisa Garau and Frédéric Tonnan, authors of the Dutch-language ABBA: On Speaking Terms (2002) and the German ABBA: Ihre ganze Geschichte (2005), have taken the interviews with ABBA insiders used to create those books for a new English-language book, ABBA – The Inner Circle Interviews (soon to be reviewed at ABBA Omnibus).

Sara Russell’s The ABBA Guide to Stockholm has proven extremely popular with fans, with many already using it to guide themselves to ABBA sites around Stockholm. The book has also led to the publication of an ABBA tour map of Stockholm and even a guided tour of the city.

Finally, Daniel Couri has written a new book in Portuguese, Mamma Mia! aimed at Brazilian fans; his second book aimed at that market.


Author: Ian Cole

My name is Ian Cole, and I live in Sydney, the capital of the state of New South Wales in Australia.

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