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The Little White Piano

21 February, 2010

Björn Ulvaeus has expanded his talents to include children’s book author with the publication of The Little White Piano, available exclusively from the gift shop at the ABBAWORLD touring exhibition (but not the online store).

The Little White Piano tells a semi-autobiographical story of Benny and Björn’s days of writing songs in their famous songwriting hut on the island of Viggsö in the Stockholm archipeligo, from the point of view of the piano.

The piano tells her story to the other pieces of furniture, from factory to music store to the hut, where “two young men” come regularly to play and “wait for the most beautiful of all songs”, until finally one day she is abandoned as the two young men stop coming to the hut for their songwriting sessions.

What’s interesting is that by the story’s account the piano was actually bought by Björn and Agnetha as a couple. Agnetha, described as a “young woman … so beautiful with her long, flowing golden hair” tests out the piano by playing her solo composition “Utan dig”.

The story has a happy ending with the Little White Piano no longer abandoned, in a new home where she is “elevated to all her glory” at the ABBAWORLD exhibition.

It would be churlish to mention that on photographic evidence the actual piano in the hut appeared to have a wooden finish, not white.

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