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Happy New Year for number one

28 December, 2011

British fans are campaigning to get ABBA’s ‘Happy New Year’ as the number one single in the UK for New Year’s Day 2012. Join the Facebook group to show your support and for more information. If you’re in the UK and want to help go to any legal music download site by December 31st and download ‘Happy New Year’

Here we go again…

15 December, 2011

We’ve managed to go for almost 12 whole months without another ABBA reunion story doing the rounds of the world’s media outlets. Then Benny goes and opens his big mouth…

For the past few weeks Benny has been extremely vocal, mostly in the pages of newspaper Dagens nyheter, in his opposition to plans to rebuild Slussen in Stockholm. You can read several items covering the full story at icethesite.

In another interview in Svenska Dagbladet last weekend Benny sort-of jokingly offered to reunite ABBA and write a new song for the group to perform to oppose the development. “If I knew with 100 percent certainty that it would help, I would call the others and ask if we could do a gig. I’d try at least” he said.

And of course, here’s where the English-speaking media picked up on the story. First the English-language Swedish news site The Local (Abba great hints at reunification gig). Then Britain’s Daily Express asked the question (ABBA TO REFORM?), finally Austrian Times tells us it’s a done deal (Abba reunion says Benny).

Personally I don’t understand Benny’s objections to the redevelopment plans. Slussen is one of the most unattractive parts of Stockholm. In a city that is famously pedestrian-friendly it’s a notoriously pedestrian-unfriendly area. The current construction dates back to the 1930s, and apparently parts of it are sinking. Though I will admit I have not seen the plans in great detail, just various photographs of models that have accompanied many of the news stories over the past few weeks.

Not such a Happy New Year

7 December, 2011

On 22 November an email and simultaneous notice on the official ABBA site announced that orders were being taken immediately for a limited edition 7-inch vinyl single of ‘Happy New Year’/’The Way Old Friends Do’, for dispatch on 30 November. The single was only available from the ABBA site and the ABBA Fan Club Shop.

Within three hours both outlets had exhausted their allocation. While the Fan Club Shop limited to two copies per order apparently the ABBA site allowed orders of up to five copies.

The timing of the announcement left a lot of ABBA fans upset. Australia was just going to bed, Europe was at work, America was about to wake up. Between the timing and the number of copies available per order many, many fans missed out on the chance to order the single.

Unsurprisingly copies have already appeared on eBay for outrageously inflated prices. ABBA fan forums and the official ABBA page on Facebook have been flooded with comments from disgruntled ABBA fans. For many it was a reminder of 2004’s limited edition ‘Waterloo’ picture disc single, which was available through general outlets in the UK, but disappeared within days as all copies were snapped up – allegedly one person ordered 150 copies from an online store.

Perhaps there are lessons to be learned here. There could be a pre-announcement that orders for such limited items would be taken from a particular future date and time, so people could be prepared. And limit the number of copies available to avoid unscrupulous dealers ordering multiple copies to only to make huge profits later.

As if to make amends the official ABBA site is currently holding a competition to win copy #5 – the first four numbers copies have been given to the ABBA members.

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