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Dance Your Pain Away

12 August, 2013

At 10 am BST today (almost three hours ago as I write this) Agnetha Fältskog’s new video ‘Dance Your Pain Away’ was to debut on YouTube.

In June a competition was held through Agnetha’s website, Facebook page and Twitter. Fans were invited to submit videos of themselves dancing to ‘Dance Your Pain Away’. The ten clips that attracted the most votes would be included in the official music video.

Surprisingly the clip was actually online several hours before the anticipated launch time, which led to many hours of discussion among fans online. As it was not on Agnetha’s established YouTube or Vevo channel, it was widely supposed to be fake.

Finally launch time rolled around and the clip was announced to the world on Agnetha’s various online presences. It was indeed the clip that had been online and discussed. Fans everywhere have since been complaining about the quality of the clip ever since. They are expressing their outrage at this insult to Agnetha’s legacy (to paraphrase some of the hyperbole), ignoring the fact that Agnetha has final approval on every aspect of her comeback.

Having watched the clip a few times now, and getting over the initial shock, the biggest problem is the attempted insertion of Agnetha into the clip. Opening and closing with the single sleeve, with multiple stills of Agnetha flashing across the screen, and seemingly random inserts of Agnetha’s appearance at Stockholm Pride last week actually cheapen and detract from the rest of the clip, with people joyously dancing to Agnetha’s music.

Judge for yourself.

An amazing find

7 September, 2011

It’s not often that a clip turns up on YouTube that is as new and exciting as the description. “Rare” usually means something ypu’ve seen a million times before; “ultra rara” means it’s been recut but the same footage; “stereo” means it’s been redubbed with the current CD sound, often out of synch; “HD” means it’s been made widescreen by stretching.

But this week something truly rare and amazing has appeared: the concert section of 1978’s Olivia! television special, hosted by Olivia Newton-John with guest stars ABBA and Andy Gibb, in full stereo from start to finish, featuring parts at the beginning and end not included in the TV broadcast. Thank you, ArgoWho!

ABBA World on YouTube and Twitter

25 April, 2009

The ABBA World network has grown two new features today.

ABBA World now has a YouTube channel featuring ABBA and related videos.

ABBA World is also on Twitter, so you can follow all the latest updates.

Visit the YouTube channel right now for an all new video, when Christopher Patrick, author of the book ABBA Let The Music Speak, appeared on Australia’s Morning Show this week.

Chasing ABBA

3 June, 2008

DJ Billy B has a dream. To play at the opening of ABBA the Museum, to gather ABBA rarities for the Museum, to find the world’s biggest ABBA fan, and to write a new song for ABBA to record.

He also wants to document his quest on a reality show on MTV. He’s posted his “pilot” on YouTube and has a MySpace profile.

Will he succeed? We’ll have to check back with Billy to follow his progress.

ABBA the Museum opens one year from today.

Chasing ABBA Fan Search – MySpace
djbillyb2000 Channel – You Tube

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