A new record for ABBA GOLD

ABBA Gold - Greatest HitsJon from Southend-on-Sea in the UK wrote to me on August 15th:

Can we start some sort of campaign for the UK release of ABBA Gold – Greatest Hits ?

Currently it stands at No. 68 with 484 weeks in the Top 100 and 807 weeks in the Top 200 album charts.
The longest stayer in the Top 100 Albums is Queen’s Greatest Hits with 486 weeks.
So just 3 more weeks in the UK Top 100 and ABBA Gold – Greatest Hits will be the all time champion and that’s surely something to celebrate ??
That is indeed something to celebrate. Despite complaints that ABBA Gold has been re-released so many times, especially in the UK, it is the flagship of the ABBA catalogue and it is ABBA’s biggest seller ever. It’s even among the 30 biggest selling albums worldwide.
So if you’re in the UK do what you can to get some more copies sold. Encourage your friends to buy a copy, buy additional copies as gifts, and let’s see ABBA Gold become the longest running album in the UK top 100 ever!

Author: Ian Cole

My name is Ian Cole, and I live in Sydney, the capital of the state of New South Wales in Australia.

4 thoughts on “A new record for ABBA GOLD”

    1. Thanks for the link. That story is saying that ABBA Gold is the 5th highest seller in Britain, a different statistic to the number of weeks in the top 100.

  1. Jon is using ‘Gold’s UK Chart Statistics from Wikipedia, which
    uses a source that gives that ABBA Album 144 Weeks too few,
    as regards the Top 100.

    As of ths Week – W/E 11th August 2012, ‘Gold’ is on 650 Top 100
    Weeks, in the UK. It is the most by any Album. In 2nd place is
    ‘Greatest Hits’, (One), by Queen, (1981), which has 635 Top 100

    The main part of the UK Album Chart is the Top 75. ‘Gold’ has
    the most Top 75 Weeks of any Album, too – 450 Weeks.

    And, it is on well over 800 Top 200 Weeks – but the entire Top 200
    is rarely used for UK Chart Feats purposes, as only the Top 100
    is openly published.

    And it is the UK’s 3rd Best Selling Album, with around 5,020,000 Sales, to date.

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