Blog year 5

Five years ago, on March 17th, I started this blog as an extension of my website ABBA Omnibus. The post before this one was also the 200th post in the blog. Here are a few of my favourite blog posts from the past year:

Happy 25th anniversary, ABBA fan club!

Happy New Year’s vision of the future – analysis of the Super Trouper album track

Two For The Price Of One – backtrack or flash-forward? – in defence of a much-miligned ABBA song

Dum Dum Diddle – it’s not that bad – defending another ABBA classic

Dancing Queen – young and sweet, only 35 – anniversary of ABBA’s most famous hit

An amazing find – the concert segment from 1978’s Olivia special, featuring guests ABBA and Andy Gibb, in full and in stereo

ABBA book bonanza – lots of new ABBA books

ABBA – The Inner Circle Interviews – review of the book

Agnetha, fashion legend – a rare public appearance

The Visitors – my memories of getting the album in 1981

The ABBA revival – 25 years and counting

Take a look my favourite posts from previous years under Pages to the right.

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