ABBA Gold 2010

When the release of ABBA Gold – Greatest Hits CD/DVD Special Edition was announced last year the most common question among ABBA fans was “why?”

The simple answer is that ABBA Gold continues to sell, with reported sales of 28 million copies so far. As much as we fans would love more archival material, unreleased songs, or DVDs of television specials, the fact is that ABBA Gold and other hits collections are the only thing that sell. The Deluxe Editions of the studio albums, though a boon for fans, don’t sell in huge numbers. Worldwide sales of music DVDs are falling. Benny and Björn won’t sanction the release of any unreleased songs “from the vaults”.

In December 2010 when this new version was released the previous version (released 2004) had only just left the UK top 100 albums. In Australia 18 Hits (released 2005)  has been a fixture in the catalogue album charts for the past 15 months.

Most of the re-releases that make fans think ABBA Gold has been reissued endlessly have been limited to certain territories, mostly the UK. The USA has never had a re-release until now. Canada’s only re-release was the 10th anniversary version in 2002. In Australia ABBA Gold wasn’t available from 2000 (the 1999 signature edition) until 2008. The UK has had the most reissues, but none since 2004 (the 30th anniversary gold cover version).

The new version of ABBA Gold features the latest remasters of the songs on CD, with an accompanying DVD of the clips for the songs on the DVD, newly remastered. The DVD also includes spilt screen versions of five of the clips, comparing the new remastering with the old clips, plus the first ever release of the 1977 Australian-made cartoon for ‘Money, Money, Money’, very rarely seen in full and long thought to be lost.

The booklet features a new essay by Elisabeth Vincentelli, author of the books ABBA Gold (2004) and ABBA Treasures (2010). The essay manages to cover ABBA history, the ABBA revival, and the history of ABBA Gold itself in just a few short pages.

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