Like an angel passing through my room

British actor, singer, writer, comedian Christopher Green has been, like many of us, an ABBA fan since he was a child in the mid-1970s.

In 2006, while performing at a function as his character country and western superstar Tina C, he was lucky enough to meet Frida, who happened to be a guest.

That happenstance meeting started Christopher on a journey, looking into the nature of relationships, of love and loss. It also led him to reevaluate his relationship with his long-time idol.

Later he would sit down for an intimate one-to-one conversation with Frida. The final result is a radio play broadcast this week on BBC Radio 4, Like an Angel Passing through My Room, named after the last track on ABBA’s final album, The Visitors.

In the play Christopher recounts, both as narrator and in reenactments by two actors, that initial meeting with Frida. In conversation Christopher and Frida talk about relationships, both as fan and idol, and a surprisingly frank and personal reflection from both as they discuss the loss of their beloved partners. The play is incredibly moving.

Like an Angel Passing through My Room can be heard for the next seven days on BBC iPlayer.

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2 Responses to “Like an angel passing through my room”

  1. Ian Cole Says:

    If you missed the radio play on BBC Radio 4 or BBC iPlayer you can now here the whole show on YouTube:
    Part 1 of 4
    Part 2 of 4
    Part 3 of 4
    Part 4 of 4

  2. Ian Cole Says:

    Like An Angel Passing Through My Room is now available on iTunes​artist/christopher-green/​id427082752

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