Australian ABBA fan on TV competition

Australian ABBA fan Richard Simcock is a contestant on the cooking show Come Dine With Me Australia this week. If you haven’t seen the show five complete strangers host a dinner party over five night, with the guests grading the host on the food and entertainment, the winner announced on the night of the fifth party and receiving $2,000. There have been several series in the UK, this is the first local Australian series.

Richard was a singer with the 90s pop band Indecent Obsession, and also a member of The Webb, who recorded a version of ABBA’s lamented unreleased track ‘Just Like That’.

Come Dine With Me Australia screens weeknights at 8.30 pm on the Lifestyle Channel (Monday 18-Friday 22 January) , with repeats several times during the next couple of weeks.


One Response to “Australian ABBA fan on TV competition”

  1. Lena Says:

    Nice show.

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