Happy 25th anniversary, ABBA fan club!

This year marks the 25th anniversary for the Official International ABBA Fan Club.

The weekend before last the fan club hosted its annual International ABBA Day in Roosendaal, The Netherlands. Hundreds of fans came together from all over the world to celebrate the club’s anniversary, spread over the entire weekend from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.

A common question these days is “do I really need to join a fan club?” Even in these days of instant news and social networking the answer is “yes”. Being a member of the fan club makes one feel like a member of an exclusive community.

The ABBA Fan Club provides a quarterly magazine to members, with the latest news (often exclusive news first announced in the pages of the magazine), a mix of historical features and new articles, rare photos and more.

Members also receive special gifts, and offers for tickets to ABBA-related events, which can sometimes lead to encounters with ABBA members.

I’m proud to have been a member and contributor to the ABBA Fan Club for over ten years. Congratulations to Helga and Anita and the whole fan club team on this momentous anniversary!

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