What was the ABBA event of 2009

What do you think was the ABBA event of the past year? Agnetha and Frida accepting ABBA’s lifetime acheivement at the Rockbjörnen awards? Benny and Björn’s new “pop songs”? ABBA in Japan released on DVD? Or something else? Vote now for the ABBA event of 2009. Up to three choices are allowed. If you chose “Other” please leave a comment.

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8 Responses to “What was the ABBA event of 2009”

  1. John Steven Says:

    For me personaly Ian it was meeting Frida at Svenska Hjaltar,Close second was Kristina NY and third was Rockbjorn

    Regards JS

  2. Peter James Says:

    Yes, JS…I am sure that meeting Frida would be THE event not just of 2009, but of a lifetime! I put Frida @ SH in for my “Other” vote along with Rockbjörnen and ABBA’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction announcement rounding out the top three.

  3. Samuel N. Inglles Says:

    Hi Ian

    One of my personal highlights was receiving through the mail Benny’s Hotel Rival serviette and CD from YOU!

    What was yours?
    Let me guess?

    I suppose, meeting Benny and Bjorn at the elevater of a hotel in New York.

    • Ian Cole Says:

      There were so many highlights this past year. For me the biggest event was the ABBA in Japan DVD, but meeting Björn and Benny in New York, and seeing the Benny Andersson Band concert in London, were personal highlights.

  4. Samuel N. Inglles Says:

    By the way, would you happen to know any ABBA DVD’s or ABBA CD/DVD Deluxes Universal are planning on releasing this year?

    Anything at all?????????

  5. lazaro monzon Says:

    I love to ABBA,your music is my life ,thak you by give me that happi,in my life of kid

    thank you so much by your time

  6. MP3 CD Says:

    I love to ABBA too.
    I from Russia.
    Abba in our hearts for ever.

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