10 years on the 'net

The ABBA Phenomenon in Australia

Ten years ago today, my very first ABBA website, The ABBA Phemomenon in Australia, went online.

Way back in early 1997, there were already quite a few ABBA fan sites. Most were fairly generic, with basic biographies and standard discographies.

But there was a gap about ABBA’s unique success in Australia that I had lived through.

Inspired by a 1995 article on ABBA’s Australian dicography in a local record collector’s magazine that had included many mistakes, I had already compiled the full ABBA discography, which continued what I’d already been collecting since 1976. I had an idea that it could be the starting point for a book about ABBA’s Australian experience. Then the internet came along and that seemed the perfect outlet for the information I’d gathered so far.

The site has come a long way since July 19th, 1997. It started out as the basic Australian discography with just a few pages, but has grown to include memorabilia, ABBA’s visits to Australia in 1976 and 1977, ABBA – The Movie (filmed on the Australian tour in 1977), the commercials for National electronic products that ABBA made for Australia, and much more. It’s continued to be updated right through to today.

It’s also moved around the net until its current home today as a sub-site of ABBA World – ironic really, as ABBA World’s predecessor, ABBALINK, started out as an offshoot of The ABBA Phenomenon.

I’m pleased that my site had served its purpose in explaining this significant era of ABBA history. As well as being visited by fans across the globe, it’s been used as reference material for several ABBA books, television documentaries and the media at large.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary, I’ve resurrected a concept that I started several years ago but never really got off the ground – The Archive, featuring classic articles from newspapers and magazines. Thanks to my friend Samuel Inglles, The Archive now includes lots and lots of articles from the height of Australian ABBAMANIA in 1976 and 1977, with still more to come.


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