Agnetha wants to reunite ABBA

That is the unbelievable headline that has been whizzing around the world for the past week or so, after Swedish magazine M-Magasin published a rare interview with Agnetha in the last week of December. In the interview she is asked what is called “the mandatory ABBA question”, which should give an indicati0n of the light-hearted tone of the question:

Will you ever reunite? It’s a dream I and millions of others are hoping for. Can you think of ABBA again?

– No and yes. We will hardly ever be reunited for a tour like the Rolling Stones and other big bands. But I don’t hold for impossible that we do something together in the future. Please note that this is not something I have discussed with the other three members, it’s more of a feeling I have that it would be great to come together and talk a little about old times and maybe make a performance together. But that would only take place once, perhaps for a charity of some sort. Now I almost fell off the couch. ABBA reunited. But Agnetha assures me again that this somethings she hasn’t discussed with the others and nothing has been decided.

She never says that she “wants” an ABBA reunion, just that it’s not “impossible” that the four could do “something together in the future”. Not that that stops the insane media frenzy that has built around a misinterpretation of what she said.

Ironically she also says in the interview:

I’m not interested in being in magazines, tv and newspapers at all. A lot of people think it’s just an attitude, that I want to create this air of insecurity.

Unfortunately her innocent comments have seen her blasted over seemingly every newspaper, TV news and magazine in the world over the past week.

See the ABBA Omnibus website for a full analysis of the story, under Muse > ABBA in the news (or directly to the page here). For one of the few media reports that sees the story for what it is see this story from Paul Cashmere in Australia.

It’s also the third time within the last twelve months that the media has gone overboard about a perceived hint of an ABBA reunion – see FFS! Another reunion story and The ABBA reunion story. But it’s not going to happen.


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2 Responses to “Agnetha wants to reunite ABBA”

  1. john bernhardt Says:

    The media does blows these little comments out of proportion…though I do get the feeling that each ABBA member has a slightly different outlook on this question. Benny prefers to be always looking forward and working on new music, Frida probably would not mind a little ABBA reunion of some kind. Agnetha indicates that here as well, but Bjorn seems to benefit from being an ex-ABBA member the most-and he would probably like to keep it that way….

  2. Samuel N. Inglles Says:

    ABBA to be eventually reunited for musical purposes such as a brand new album etc..! Good for Agnetha!

    It is about time that Agnetha came around to the idea as much as Frida, Benny, Bjorn and Stig during the mid 1980s!

    And for charity, WOW, a great idea! All ABBA members do not really need this kind of money anymore! Wonderful to know that Agnetha is not a greedy person as well! More and more Money, Money, Money doesn’t always means that a person will be happier, especially when they are already so RICH!!!

    Why not give some to the genuinely poor and needy!

    Thank YOU Agnetha Faltskog!!! A beautiful lady with a big HEART!!!

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