BAO 3Benny Anderssons Orkester (Benny Andersson’s Orchestra) releases its fourth CD and third studio album, BAO 3, today.

Since 2001 Benny and his band of musicians and singers have performed concerts across Sweden, and also in Glasgow (Scotland) and Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA). BAO concerts feature a mix of Benny’s compositions from the band’s CDs, traditional Swedish folk music, classic evergreens and even ABBA songs!

BAO 3 includes five songs with lyrics by Björn and one by Kristina Lugn (‘Nu mår jag mycket bättre’). Singers Tommy Körberg (of Chess fame) and Helen Sjöholm (Kristina från Duvemåla) also feature. Two songs, ‘Bonde söker fru’ and ‘Fait accompli’, were previewed at the Allsång på Skansen concert in August (see BAO in concert below). Also included is a song that Benny and Björn wrote in 1979 but never finished, ‘Crush On You’, widely reported a few months ago as a “lost” ABBA song.

Track list:

1. Marsch pannkaka (Pancake march)
2. För dig (For you) – vocals Helen and Tommy
3. Du frälste mig i sista stund (You saved me at the last moment)- Helen
4. Fait accomplit (Accomplished fact) – Tommy
5. Crush On You – Tommy and Helen
6. Calle J:s vals (Calle J’s waltz)
7. Helens brudvals (Helen’s bridal waltz)
8. Upp till dig (Up to you) – Helen
9. Bonde söker fru (Farmer seeks wife) – Tommy
10. Nu mår jag mycket bättre (Now I feel much better) – Helen and Tommy
11. Wienerbrot (Vienna bread)
12. Godnattvisa (Good night song)

BAO is performing two “dance” concerts in the next couple of weeks, at Globen in Stockholm on 26 October, and at Scandinavium in Gothenburg on 2 November. See Mono Music for more information (in Swedish) and links to tickets.

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2 Responses to “BAO 3”

  1. Ian Cole Says:

    An interview with Benny in Aftonbladet this week has the rumour mill going again about a possible ABBA demo recording of ‘Crush On You’.

    The actual article says:

    Röjde i melodiförrådet

    En del refränger och melodier är plockade från Bennys förråd. ”Crush on you” föddes på ABBA-tiden.

    [Benny] – Själva refrängen är kvar och demotexten var ”Crush on you”. Det fanns bara slarvtext, ingen färdig låt. ”Du är min man” är en jättegammal grej. ”Det är vi ändå” är också gammal som gatan.


    Revealed from the song vaults

    Some of the choruses and melodies are from Benny´s archives. “Crush On You” was born during the ABBA time.

    [Benny] – The refrain is there and the demo lyrics were “Crush On You”. They were dummy lyrics, no complete song. “Du är min man” is a very old thing. “Det är vi ändå” is also as old as the hills.

  2. kopenic Says:

    this cd is a recycle of benny’s early eighties work
    Marsch pannkaka features a big bridge from ‘upp till kamp’
    Du frälste mig i sista stund features extract from ‘i am a seeker ‘ sung awfully by this holeminded helen sjolom that everybody loves and who is one of worst singers benny have worked with (she could have been from popstars or else!)
    of course B A Robertson version is magical !
    Godnattvisa is the red christmas ringtone
    tommy save the whole of course with his magical interpretations!
    benny seems to get worse and worse in his bao albums ,getting like the british stars (like elton john) who think that everything released by them is for sure a big hit even it’s crap
    instead of recycling ,he’d better work with muses (frida and agnetha excluded) like nilsson sisters ,karin glenmark or this marvellous lady ‘sisel kyrkebo or even tina arena !
    but not crap like helen or celine dion or madonna !

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