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I was very excited and hugely surprised a couple of weekends ago when my two ABBA websites (ABBA World and The ABBA Phenomenon) and I were featured in the article ‘How Could We Resist You?’ by Dino Scatena in The Weekend Australian Magazine on 3-4 March.

Dino had emailed me several weeks earlier saying that he’s like to talk to me about ABBA’s Australian tour for an article he was writing to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the tour. We spoke for about 15 minutes, Dino was very enthusiast, telling me that my website had been a great help in researching his article.

A couple of weeks later, I had a call from the photo editor at The Australian, wanting to get a photo of me with some ABBA memorabilia to go with the story. Which surprised me, as I thought I’d just contributed a bit of “colour” to the article. So why a photo?

I had imagined that there might be small head shots of the various people interviewed for the article (including Australian tour promoter Paul Dainty, Swedish tour promoter Thomas Johansson, Björn Ulvaeus, and others who were involved in the tour).

So I was hugely surprised when I saw the article, featuing me in a sidebar, in illustrious company between Frida with tour bodyguard Richard Norton, and ABBA – The Movie director Lasse Hallström.

That weekend I had a flood of text messages and emails from friends and family who had seen the article, offering with all sorts of compliments. The following week I found that someone in my workplace had copied and enlarged the article, and put it up on the wall of the office writing “you never know what your workmates are up to” underneath. Funny stuff!

Here’s that extract from the article.


7 Responses to “That’s me”

  1. William Says:

    Cute pic! The smile is worth the pain.

  2. Stella Says:

    Nice photo Ian. I’m going to put it it on my fridge.

  3. Chris Patrick Says:

    Hi Ian! Congrats on a great piece & a great pic of you. ABBA still attracts! Hope all the kudos imaginable comes your way – it’s well deserved.

  4. Ian Cole Says:

    Thanks my friends for your kind comments. I’m flattered!

  5. Samuel Nelson Inglles Says:

    Hi Ian

    YOU are truly one of the NUMBER ONE and LEGENDARY ABBA Fans that the world has ever seen and known. You are probably right at the top!

    I have always wondered and am completely surprised as to why you haven’t yet written a book in connection to ABBA and the whole of the ABBA World Stories/News etc..

    I can guarantee you that I will be purchasing a book with you as the author of it! It will definitely be well worth the read of your great knowledge and thoughts in regards to ABBA. The reason being the fact that you are a genuine ABBA-fan!

    You are an extremely intelligent man whose works are always to fascination and perfection, which I have been admiring, respecting and loving for many years now! Keep up all the excellent work forever more!

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the wonderful contributions you’ve made in regards to the ABBA-fan related projects such as your websites etc., which I have been enjoying immensely!

    I wish you well, happy and successful in everything you do in the future.

    Kind Regards

    Samuel Inglles

    26 April 2006

  6. Ian Cole Says:

    Hi Samuel,

    Thank you so much, I’m flattered by your kind words. You’ve done a fine job yourself with those vintage articles you’ve sent to me and to ABBAMAIL. As for what the future holds, who knows?


  7. nic Says:

    ABBA in concert at the Perth Entertainment Centre was exceptional. The atmosphere was electric! I have seen many concerts through the years by many bands. ABBA were dynamite, they delivered a charged concert that was breathtaking and spellbounding.
    It was fun to see ABBA on TV in Sweden getting acolades last week in 2009. It was also pleasant to hear both Agnetha and Frida on stage joking and laughing together and dispelling the rot about them being enemies.
    ABBA were unique and so clever with music. So many different numbers that did not sound like the many repititions that can be created often sounding like a repeat of the last hit like many bands seem to produce today
    ABBA led the way . Their film clips were by far the best in the 70s.
    The concerts were full of energy and joy.
    In Australia we LOVED ABBA – they ruled the top ten charts for a decade and more aussies had an ABBA album than any other band in history – three out of four Australians had an ABBA record. Fernado was number one on the top ten for a year!
    ABBA still holds the record today thirty years later.
    We were so lucky as there has never been such harmony between voices like that of ABBA since. The sound of Agnetha and Frida reached every corner of the globe.
    I travelled through Africa in 1981 and it was amazing to be on a bus travelling over pot holes the size of craters sitting next to Africans and chickens and pigs with the sound of ABBA playing all through that night trip to Kilimanjaro – 18 hours and the cheers for more ABBA by the locals.
    Travelling through India I sat in a small cafe in the town of Leh in Kashmir listening the the Super Trouper album by ABBA. I wonder if the band realise the great happiness that was created by tunes that touch people and made them fell happy.
    The genius of Benny and Bjorns creations were touched with gold when Agnetha and Frida sang. No one has been able to capture the same pulse since!
    Please write that book!

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