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Top 25 of ABBA

23 August, 2009

Ireland-based German-language webradio station Radio New Horizon is planning to play the Top 25 of ABBA, based on votes from fans, to be webcast on Saturday 12 September from 8 p.m. BST (1900 GMT/UTC) – the night before the ABBA tribute concert Thank You For The Music in Hyde Park in London. 

Sven from Radio New Horizon writes:

We’ll have an ABBA special show on Saturday 12.09.2009. Start of the show is 8 in the evening.

This will be not a simple ABBA special were we play the hits and other songs from the great 4. we have another plan. 

We’ll searching for the Top 25 of ABBA. But not only the songs from the group, also the solo songs from Agnetha & Frida, or Musical songs, other songs for other artists produced by B & B and also cover versions. So every song what belongs to ABBA can be voted into this Top 25. 

Everbody should send an e-mail with his/her 10 favourite songs to my e-mail:  and we will work on that list to get the Top 25 together. As more people send there songs as better. This Top 25 could be very interesting. Do have other songs next to the ABBA songs a chance to come into this special charts? 

So we will create the ultimate ABBA Top 25 voted by listeners and fans. if we know that there will be fans from other countries we will do the show in 2 languages German and English.

Please have a look on our webpage from the station:

Comments can also be posted on the forum. Voting closes 11 September 2009.

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