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Popular ABBA site to close

8 February, 2009

One of the internet’s most popular ABBA sites, the ABBA Picture Gallery, also known as Maggott’s ABBA Gallery, is to close down on 31 March 2009.

Webmaster Wayne (aka Maggott) writes on his website:

When I first started this in March 1999, it was always my intention to do this for exactly 10 years if I could. As ABBA only existed as a group for that length, I thought it was a fitting time to stop. Surprise, surprise – it has gone amazingly fast – so I am in awe in what they achieved in just one decade. Also when I started, there was virtually no sites devoted to ABBA, and very few pictures, few videos of them – again, what a difference the past decade has made. You Tube, wiki, blogs, bit torrents, virtual communities, – the list goes on. Today, most of it is a few button clicks away. The ABBA Community is an amazing community, devoted like no others. ABBA have become popular over and over, and their music is still being listened to and enjoyed by new and old fans alike. Thank you for such devotion.

It’s a shame to see the website go, and I’m sure it will be greatly missed. If you haven’t visited for a while, you’ve got a little under two months to do it.

I wish Wayne all the best for the future, and hope that he stays around the ABBA community that he writes about so fondly.

Popular ABBA site moves

18 June, 2007

FYI, the popular website ABBA Picture Gallery (also known as Maggott’s ABBA Gallery) has moved and can now be found here.

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