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Goodbye GeoGities

3 August, 2009

Early this year Yahoo! announced that it would be shutting down its free GeoCities webhosting service later this year. GeoCities will close on October 26 2009.

GeoCities was one the first, if not the first,  free webhost. Anyone could create their own website and not have to pay an ISP to put it on the internet. At its height GeoCities was probably the most popular hosting site, though it has been in decline in recent years as parent Yahoo! preferred to push paid services.

Many ABBA fans created websites using the service – my own ABBA Phenomenon in Australia was hosted on GeoCities for many years, and I still have two other websites there, one with photos from a 1999 trip to Europe and one on artist Yoko Ono’s visit to Sydney in 2000.

Those websites still on GeoCities will disappear on October 26th, which would be a shame. If you have a GeoCities account now is the time to move your site to a new webhost.

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