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Mamma Mia!

31 October, 2009

Thank you for the music: Fan-club members (clockwise from rear left) Mark, Ian, Gary, Jason, Louise, Sandra and DavidToday’s Daily Telegraph newspaper (Sydney, not UK) featured an article about ABBA fans getting together to celebrate ABBA in the lead up to Mamma Mia! returning to Sydney.

I was there (back row, second from the left) with friends Mark, Cotton, David, Sandra, Louise, Gary and Jason. It was a fun night at the Gourmet Viking Scandinavian restaurant in Enmore. Some brought along their old memorabilia to inspire conversation. You can see some of it in the photo.

The article was great, and thankfully didn’t make us look like a bunch of loner freaks who live in the past. Some great stories were shared – a shame that not everything could have appeared in the article, though some really good stuff did. Modesty restrains me from saying what it says about me ;-), though it does mention my recent trip to New York for Kristina.

Thanks JP, Alex and Katrina.


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