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Why ABBA World is now ABBA Omnibus

4 November, 2010

When the announcement that the ABBA Museum project was to become the ABBAWORLD touring exhibition was made on June 2nd last year I faced a dilemma. My website was also called ABBA World – could there be two entities with the same name?

I discussed changing the name of my site over dinner with some friends that night – by coincidence I was in Stockholm, having travelled there for what should have been the opening week of ABBA the Museum. We threw out some possible contenders for a new name over a couple of bottles of wine – sadly most of them forgotten the next morning.

I thought it over for a long time. What new name would be appropriate and understandable to people, and how would I go about changing not only the website (all 900 + pages of it) plus the blog, Twitter, Facebook, and all the other parts of what had become quite a network of interconnected sites.

Finally not long ago I was reading a book (1001 Inventions that Changed the World) and came across the word “omnibus”. Omnibus comes from the Latin word meaning “for all”. It’s the root of the word “bus” and can also mean “a collection of works on a similar topic brought together”. That struck me as the perfect new name for my website.

So I started seriously investigating how to change the name and URL of the various ABBA World entities. Some of it proved to be incredibly easy, some of it difficult if not impossible. So on November 1st ABBA Omnibus was born.

The conspiracy-minded will probably assume that Touring Exhibitions or Universal Music have “played the heavy”, insisting that the name be changed. But I can assure you that couldn’t be further from the truth. No one has ever approached me to change my website. This is entirely my own decision, made simply to avoid the growing confusion between the two entities. If you think it’s absurd that anyone could confuse the two, here’s an example: when tickets for the ABBAWORLD exhibition in Melbourne went on sale earlier this year, for a couple of hours the ticket site used the logo from my site.

As I write this the changeover is incomplete, with some parts of the network yet to get the new name, and will probably remain that way for at least the rest of this month while I work though everything.

Please save the new URL in your bookmarks or favorites, and if you have a link to ABBA World on your website please update it to the new site.

Ten years of ABBA World

1 April, 2010

Ten years ago today ABBA World was launched. That’s ABBA World, my website, not ABBAWORLD, the touring exhibition.

The original intention of ABBA World was to include links to every ABBA site on the internet and to include every ABBA song, including all those unheard working titles. Since then it has grown to include every ABBA book, stage and TV appearances, ABBA questions and answers,facts, original musings, archival news and magazine articles, and spread to this blog, YouTube, MySpaceFacebook and Twitter, plus sub-sites for Mamma Mia! The Movie and Benny Andersson Band.

Over those ten years we’ve seen so much happen for ABBA – the ongoing ABBA revival with each peak outdoing the last, lots of new ABBA releases including many authoritative books and excellent DVD releases, ABBA inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the growing success of the musical Mamma Mia! spreading ABBA’s music to new audiences, even new music from Benny and Agnetha.

Maintaining ABBA World is a labour of love. Millions of visitors obviously share that love. Many of those visitors have contributed to the site in many different ways, from content to suggestions or just appreciation for the site.

Thank you everyone for your support and for visiting.

ABBA World blog – year three

14 March, 2010

This week the ABBA World blog celebrates its third annivesary! Time flies when you’re having fun and all that. It seems like only yesterday that I was making those very first posts.

Here’s a sampling of some of my favourite posts over the last year: 

ABBA World on YouTube and Twitter

25 April, 2009

The ABBA World network has grown two new features today.

ABBA World now has a YouTube channel featuring ABBA and related videos.

ABBA World is also on Twitter, so you can follow all the latest updates.

Visit the YouTube channel right now for an all new video, when Christopher Patrick, author of the book ABBA Let The Music Speak, appeared on Australia’s Morning Show this week.

ABBA World links updated

19 April, 2009

As you probably know ABBA World has the internet’s most comprehensive ABBA links section, with every known ABBA or related site ranked and categorised.

Between 11 and 19 April I have rechecked every single link, updating 126 links and removing 248 dead or duplicate links. There have also been some updates with site ranks and comments, plus a few other changes to the links section.

As of today there is a total of 1125 links, with more still to come. So if you’re ever in search of ABBA on the web, there is only one place to go – ABBA World!

ABBA World blog – year two

21 March, 2009

This week the ABBA World blog celebrated its second anniversary. A few weeks ago it passed 100,000 visitors, and this is the 99th post.

Here’s a look back at some of my favourite posts in the second year.

Facebook or MySpace?

22 June, 2008
I wrote about MySpace and Facebook for ABBA fans in the March issue of the Official International ABBA Fan Club Magazine.

I don’t get MySpace. Its entire purpose seems to be how many “friends” you can collect. There doesn’t seem to be much interactivity there. Sure you can post photos and videos and blogs and comments, but is that it? I can’t see what else you can really do there.

There are a few ABBA groups on MySpace, but they’re all very quiet, most of them with only a few members. ABBA-related acts Ella Rouge and Nanne have official MySpace profiles, previewing music and videos. That seems to be what MySpace does best, as a portal between artists and fans.

But on Facebook there are other applications – games, quizzes and whatnot (as annoying as some of them can be, and that stupid requirement to invite 20 friends is crap) – that can be added to a profile, and there seems to be a lot more interaction between friends. There are lots of ABBA groups, and some of them are quite active. Maybe not as active as some other forums out there, but they seem to be picking up.

ABBA World has presences on both MySpace (profile and group) and Facebook. So far, Facebook has attracted many members, while MySpace has attracted just a few friends.

ABBA World blog – the first year

17 March, 2008

One year ago today I started the ABBA World blog, as an extension of the ABBA World site.

Since then the blog has outgrown its origins, adding news, historical articles, critical reviews and much more. One of the highlights of the first year was seeing the ABBA World blog among the nominees for ABBA Plaza’s ABBA Site of the Year.

If this is your first visit to the blog, or if you’re a regular visitor, why not take a few minutes to revisit some of my favourite posts over the past twelve months. Or just take a browse through all the previous posts.

Vote for ABBA World on the BT Digital Music Awards 07

24 August, 2007

BT Digital Music Awards 07

ABBA World is nominated in the BT Digital Music Awards 07 People’s Choice Award for Best Unofficial Music Site.

To vote for ABBA World, please go to the site and click on the link on the main page to vote. Voting closes 30 September 2007.

Thanks in advance for voting for my site.

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