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I've been ripped off!

24 September, 2010

Imagine my surprise this week to see an image that I created on Australian national television!

This week the unfortunately popular A Current Affair featured a rare interview with legendary television producer Reg Grundy. Mr Grundy started his TV career hosting game shows in the 1950s, but moved into production of TV dramas and game shows, producing such renowned shows as Sons & Daughters, Prisoner and Neighbours (to name just a tiny sample of international recognised titles).

In 1976 Reg Grundy Productions made the TV special The Best Of ABBA, and was also awarded with the licence to produce ABBA merchandise – all those t-shirts, socks, bubble gum cards, jigsaw puzzles, posters, etc. In 1977 Grundy co-produced ABBA – The Movie.

During a montage of images depicted Grundy’s many successful productions up popped an image for ABBA – The Movie that I created for my website The ABBA Phenomenon in Australia. It’s easy to recognise the image from the colouring, the placement – it’s a colour representation of the black & white newspaper ad, it was never rendered in colour – and the watermarked name of the website can be faintly made out in the top left corner. My image has been copied across the internet – on Wikipedia it is used to represent the ABBA – The Movie poster.

See my original image here. The full interview can be seen here.

ABBA – The Movie in cinemas across Europe

20 July, 2008

ABBA – The Movie will be playing in select cinemas in countries across Europe this July and August.

Presumably, this will be the print restored by the Swedish Film Institute in 2003.

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the cities in the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany and Austria (and possibly more to come), I highly recommend you see it. ABBA – The Movie must be experienced on the big screen at least once. Even if you’ve seen it before, see it again!

See the Arts Alliance Media website for locations, dates, times and updates.

Thursday, March 3rd, 1977

3 March, 2008

Sydney Showground, around 6.30 pm.March 3rd marks a significant anniversary for me. In 1977 on this day, I saw ABBA live on stage at their legendary first Australian concert in Sydney.

I feel thrilled to have been at the most famous concert of ABBA’s career. It’s the one concert that the ABBA members have all said they remember.

Its inclusion in ABBA – The Movie ensured its place in history. Not just ABBA history, but also the history of Sydney. After this and other rained-out concerts, government enquiries were held and large-scale indoor venues were finally built in Sydney.

I have some great memories of that night. Waiting in the grandstand for the concert to start, getting wet regardless of the shelter. The guy who kept announcing “you’re gonna get your rocks off!”. The immense noise from the crowd as ABBA took to the stage. The strobe-like effect of thousands of camera flashes for the first ten minutes. The reaction from the audience singing along to ‘Fernando’, and Björn saying everyone sang so well that “we’d like you to come backstage after the show so we can shake your hands and sign you up”. The fire projected on the back wall of the stage during ‘Fernando’ and the silhouette of a palm tree during ‘Sitting In The Palmtree’. Selected parts of ‘I Am An A’ (Björn: “I don’t like to shave”, Agnetha: “you should live in a cave”). ‘So Long’ not being performed. Björn announcing a song for “you to get up and dance to”. The fireworks at the end spelling out “Thank You Sydney – ABBA”.

I missed Frida’s famous slip during ‘Waterloo’ due to a momentary distraction. And my memories of the mini-musical “The Girl With The Golden Hair” aren’t as clear as other parts of the concert, probably because the songs were unknown. It seemed to me that ‘I’m A Marionette’ went on for 15 minutes. Now I know that it was reprised near the end of ‘Get On The Carousel’.

Some memories have been diluted by repeated viewings of ABBA – The Movie and listening to bootleg concert tapes. But others remain as clear as they were 31 (!) years ago.

The photo above right was one that I took of the stage and arena from our vantage point in the grandstand. See here for an exclusive gallery of photos from that night. And visit my site The ABBA Phenomenon in Australia for everything about ABBA’s Australian tour of 1977.

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Did you know?

3 November, 2007

ABBA – The Movie is the tenth-highest grossing Australian-made documentary film of all time in Australia, and the 110th highest-grossing documentary film overall.

Source: Australian Film Commission.

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