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For Stig Anderson’s 80th birthday

25 January, 2011

Stig Anderson, ABBA manager, co-lyricist on many early hits, and driving force behind the group’s international push, would have turned 80 today. ABBA recorded ‘Hovas vittne’ (Hova’s witness) as a gift for Stig’s 50th birthday in 1981. The music was written by Benny and Björn, with the humourous lyrics contributed byAgnetha, Frida, art designer Rune Söderqvist, recording engineer Michael B. Tretow, Benny and Björn. The song was recorded on January 18th, and the above video was filmed at Berns Restaurant in Stockholm on the 24th. 200 copies of a red 12 inch single were pressed and given as gifts to everyone attending Stig’s 50th birthday party. The single is now one of the most valuable and sought-after ABBA collectibles.  (more…)

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