In search of ABBA Voyage

Are you having trouble keeping track of the ABBA Voyage releases on various formats and configurations? We’ve put together a list of them all including sources for limited editions. (updated 28 September 2022)


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2 Responses to “In search of ABBA Voyage”

  1. Mike Says:

    Do you by any chance know about the packaging of the discs? Are they standard jewel cases or digipak?

    • Ian Cole Says:

      It’s not clear what the packaging will be. Some sites list the CD in a “softpack”. I imagine it might be in a cardboard sleeve, not a digipak (cardboard sleeve with plastic tray), like all the BAO/Mono Music releases for the past decade or so, and indeed like the two singles. Many years ago Benny said he wanted to reduce his personal carbon footprint, and reducing plastic in music packaging was one way he wanted to achieve that.

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