ABBA for Peace Tracks

Peace TracksTo commemorate International Peace Day on 21 September, the Talking Peace Festival 2015 and International Alert gathered musicians from around the world to collaborate on a musical project, Peace Tracks.

ABBA are part of this project, with two songs featuring an ABBA connection. Track 3, ‘Coupé in C Minor’ features a sample of the piano riff from ‘SOS’, while the final track ‘Soldiers 2015’ builds on the drums and bass of ‘Soldiers’.

Amazingly, these samples have been approved by ABBA, only the third time sampling of ABBA recordings has ever been officially authorised by the group.

The songs can be heard and the album downloaded free at


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3 Responses to “ABBA for Peace Tracks”

  1. Al Bans Says:

    ABBA has been sampled more than three times. See here:

    • Ian Cole Says:

      That’s true Al, but only twice before has ABBA approved samples: ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ by Fugees, which sampled ‘The Name Of The Game’, and ‘Hung Up’ by Madonna which sampled ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)’. Any others have not been authorised.

      Many of the songs on the Who Sampled site aren’t actually samples, but appropriations of the melody (e.g. Bring Me Edelweiss), soundalikes (Hammer To The Heart), parodies (GABBA), cover versions (the Black Sweden tracks), or outright plagiarism (Mil Jaye Khazana). It’s actually missing a few unauthorised samples, which are listed in the SONGS section at

  2. Ian Cole Says:

    The album is no longer available to download, but it can be heard on SoundCloud

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