New attraction at ABBA The Museum

On Tuesday March 3rd (the 38th anniversary of ABBA’s legendary first concert in Sydney), ABBA The Museum unveiled its newest attraction.

Brand new life-sized silicone figures of ABBA, dressed in their famous costumes worn on the 1979/1980 concert tours in North America, Europe and Japan, are now on permanent display at the museum.

Reaction has been swift. Generally the figures are acknowledged as more realistic than the much-maligned wax figures that debuted at Madame Tussaud’s a few years ago (though I thought they looked fine when I saw them in Berlin two years ago).

And as can be expected fans are divided on these new figures, with many loving them and just as many complaining that they don’t look “exactly” like the individual ABBA members. Though some of them the resemblance is closest from some angles but not others. And in photographs that can be distorted by lights and lenses, you might not get the best view – they’re probably best seen in person, so to speak.

Personally, I think these figures look great. They don’t look like “ABBA on November 10th 1979”, but they do look like the public perception of ABBA. Being silicone, I wonder if the museum will change the costumes and display from time to time?

More information @ My News Desk

More photos @ ABBA The Museum on Facebook



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One Response to “New attraction at ABBA The Museum”

  1. Graeme Says:

    I agree; I think the new figures are marvellous. I am astounded by the negative comments from some fans about bad or incorrect facial expressions, eye colour, anatomical liberties, hair length and the like. This is a stunning homage to the four of them, capturing the group at their striking best, incorporating various stages of their career in one immortal sweep. Fantastic.

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