Dance Your Pain Away

At 10 am BST today (almost three hours ago as I write this) Agnetha Fältskog’s new video ‘Dance Your Pain Away’ was to debut on YouTube.

In June a competition was held through Agnetha’s website, Facebook page and Twitter. Fans were invited to submit videos of themselves dancing to ‘Dance Your Pain Away’. The ten clips that attracted the most votes would be included in the official music video.

Surprisingly the clip was actually online several hours before the anticipated launch time, which led to many hours of discussion among fans online. As it was not on Agnetha’s established YouTube or Vevo channel, it was widely supposed to be fake.

Finally launch time rolled around and the clip was announced to the world on Agnetha’s various online presences. It was indeed the clip that had been online and discussed. Fans everywhere have since been complaining about the quality of the clip ever since. They are expressing their outrage at this insult to Agnetha’s legacy (to paraphrase some of the hyperbole), ignoring the fact that Agnetha has final approval on every aspect of her comeback.

Having watched the clip a few times now, and getting over the initial shock, the biggest problem is the attempted insertion of Agnetha into the clip. Opening and closing with the single sleeve, with multiple stills of Agnetha flashing across the screen, and seemingly random inserts of Agnetha’s appearance at Stockholm Pride last week actually cheapen and detract from the rest of the clip, with people joyously dancing to Agnetha’s music.

Judge for yourself.

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7 Responses to “Dance Your Pain Away”

  1. Dirk Says:

    by far the worst Agnetha/ABBA video ever !!!!!! … Disappointed !!!

  2. 100% Mike Says:

    Disaster and disgrace! The queen has lost her crown…..

  3. Dimitri Says:

    If Agnetha has the final say, and if it’s good enough for her, then it should be good enough her fans. She doesn’t need to sell millions of records. She already has millions. She has already mentioned many times over the last 35 years that her favourite thing to do is to make music in the studio. The studio was always her thing and where she shone the most. Let’s respect that.

  4. Gil Says:

    I like it! 😜

  5. Ian Cole Says:

    Here we are, the first opinion from the outside world, and they like it

    • Gil Says:

      The video is ok. It’s her fans dancing to her new song. Clips of amateurs. Not the best video I have ever seen but I like it somehow.
      Let’s wait for the next one. Hopefully a clip with Agnetha & Gary miming to I SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED YOU HOME.

  6. Samuel Inglles Says:

    I love the choreography/dance of the guy wearing the T-shirt with number “18” on it and also wearing denim shorts, and I also love the lady dancing in the supermarket aisles. They really caught my eyes. They are also very athletic and fit.

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