Agnetha on stage and on TV

Agnetha at G-A-Y: photo heinz vollmann @thatheinz Over the past twelve hours ABBA fans everywhere have suffered (or is that enjoyed) an overload of Agnetha!

First, there was her amazing appearance the G-A-Y club in London on Saturday night, where she appeared on stage for a few minutes to a full and enthusiastic house. Ten lucky audience members got the chance to meet Agnetha afterwards and get autographed singles. Most surprising and poignant was an impromptu performance as she left the stage. See all the fun here.

Then on Sunday night the Australian TV programme Sunday Night screened a two-part story on Agnetha’s comeback and the ABBA story, featuring an extensive interview with Agnetha plus an interview with Björn. On top of the televised story, the show’s website has several clips that weren’t included in the broadcast. The whole show is now available online.

Agnetha breaks her silence – Part 1
Agnetha breaks her silence – Part 2
Agnetha revisits an ABBA hit
Agnetha in the studio
Sneak peek: ABBA’s Agnetha (pre-broadcast preview)
Agnetha’s return (pre-broadcast ad)


3 Responses to “Agnetha on stage and on TV”

  1. Lisa Dwyer Says:

    great to see, Agnetha fans deserve to see Agnetha and Agnetha herself deserves all the success in the world. I have been a fan of ABBA and especially Agnetha since i was 12,(and thats a long time ago) so I am definitely loving every second of this

  2. Rosi Says:

    Agnetha is the Best in The World. She is singing best .I like to
    hear Agnetha all Time.

  3. Ian Cole Says:

    Sunday Night in Australia broadcast a follow up story the following week, ABBA By Demand

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