My television debut

Ian on ABBA: Dancing QueenThis week I made my television debut in the new documentary ABBA: Dancing Queen, broadcast on SVT1 in Sweden last Wednesday night.

I’ve had a few TV appearances before, most notably a morning news report on an Australian ABBA fan event in March 1987. But this was my first sit-down on-camera interview.

It’s a rather unnerving experience to go through. Trying to concentrate on the questions, to think of something interesting to respond, to speak clearly and coherently, all under the glare of bright lights and the gaze of the camera. I don’t know how people in the public eye do it all the time.

The film takes a look at ABBA’s biggest hit and most well-known song, intertwined with the story of ABBA’s phenomenal success in Australia. It features lots of ABBA footage, some of it not seen on TV since the 70s, along with interviews with ABBA’s musicians, people involved in the Australian concert tour and ABBA – The Movie, international rock legends, and many more. You can watch the film here (in Swedish, all interviews are in English with Swedish subtitles). It’s a thrill to be included in such esteemed company.

Dancing Queen is the first of three ABBA documentaries screening on SVT1 over the next few weeks. See here for details about all three films. The films are produced by Roger Backlund, Carl Magnus Palm and Viktor Petrovski for Happy Monday Media. Hopefully we’ll see the films broadcast elsewhere later in the year.

Coincidentally I should be appearing in another ABBA documentary, Bang A Boomerang – Why Australia ♥ ABBA, at the end of January.

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4 Responses to “My television debut”

  1. Utopian Indigent Says:

    Congratulations! I am the premier ABBA fan in South Africa.I sat listening to some modern music on TV last night and thought: “If only people still knew how to write melodies.”

  2. Mikael Says:

    You did very well there, Ian! 🙂

  3. Samel Inglles Says:

    Mamma Mia Ian looking very handsome indeed!

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