ABBA vinyl reissues

ABBA fans are confused and concerned today after listings for vinyl versions of ABBA’s 8 albums appeared in the webstore on the official ABBA website, for release on August 1st. The listings on the website show the covers and tracklistings of the 2001 CD reissues, except for 1975’s ABBA album which erroneously shows the tracklisting for ABBA – The Album.

Meanwhile, a newsletter from announcing the LP reissues includes an image that shows three of the albums with the old, unpopular Polydor CD covers. The ad declares the albums to be “as originally prepared by ABBA” and “mirror[ing] the original Swedish releases”.

It appears that Bengans, the company that runs the webstore on the ABBA site, has jumped the gun on the announcement of these vinyl reissues, but has copied the covers and tracklists from previous CD listings, not realising they will be different. The listings on Bengans’ own website are identical to those on the ABBA site, right down to format and even the order the albums are listed.

Expect an announcement soon on the ABBA site that these eight reissues will be the same as the LPs included in last year’s The Vinyl Collection box set. In fact the individual albums were seen for sale in Bengans’ store in Drottninggaten, central Stockholm’s popular shopping street, several weeks ago.


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9 Responses to “ABBA vinyl reissues”

  1. jvd897 Says:

    So according to the ABBASite store, these tracklistings include bonus tracks (e.g., Ring Ring has “Santa Rosa”, “Merry-Go-Round”, etc., Arrival has “Fernando” and “Happy Hawaii”, etc.). Is this a mistake, given Bengans’ declaration that the tracklistings are “as originally prepared by ABBA” and “mirror[ing] the original Swedish releases”? Unless I’m very much mistaken, the previous vinyl reissues (2001 and 2010) included no bonus tracks on the individual albums. It would make sense for these to just be the individual discs from the box set; certainly, all the bonus tracks probably wouldn’t fit on the original LPs.

  2. Maria Nicholas Says:

    Many thanks for this, Ian. To add and for what it’s worth, the individual albums seen at Bengans seem to have been taken individually from “The Vinyl Collection” box set, as indicated by the “Part of Package” notation on the back of each LP.

    • Ian Cole Says:

      That’s interesting, Maria. Thanks for the comment (since it was you who had reported seeing the albums for sale there)

      What’s also curious is that the catalogue numbers for the 8 LPs listed on ABBAsite and Bengans seem to be the catalogue numbers for the LPs in The Vinyl Collection. Though those LPs do not show new catalogue numbers, the individual numbers on the website fit between the catalogue number for the box set and the number for the bonus LP in that set, ABBA Tracks.

      • Maria Nicholas Says:

        No problem — they seemed to be in too good a condition, so I made sure to inspect them thoroughly! It would seem that perhaps this is a way of dealing with excess inventory, though I guess we’ll have to wait and see. The conversion from Swedish crowns was about US$25.

  3. Ian Cole Says:

    In the 7 hours since I wrote this blog post Bengans has updated their website (and ABBAsite) witih the images of the album covers from The Complete Studio Recordings/The Albums box set.

  4. Ian Cole Says:

    The Official International ABBA Fan Club reports that the LPs will come with a digital voucher to download an MP3 version of the album.

  5. Ian Cole Says:

    ABBA Intermezzo reports a limited edition of 300 copies of each album. But apparently this is the number allocated to Germany only.

  6. Ian Cole Says:

    Universal Music’s Back to Black Vinyl website now includes details of the eight ABBA LP re-releases, including full artwork.

    • Walter Says:

      Thanks for the info and esp. the blacktoblack link as I think that shows us the only difference between the “box set” vinyls and the new ones is that the new ones have an EAN (BAR)Code printed on the back of the sleeve.

      On the back2back site they show the vinyl incl. labels but I guess they’re made up ones as the grooves (meaning: number of songs) on the pictures don’t match with the number of songs on the albums. I also guess the purple/red line around the label and around the inner circle of the vinyl won’t be there on the final release.

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