Which ABBA album should be the next Deluxe Edition?

ABBA’s albums Arrival, ABBA – The Album, Voulez-Vous and Super Trouper have all been subject to Deluxe Edition releases, with bonus CD tracks and DVDs of television performances and other material.  Which of the other four ABBA albums do you think should be the next Deluxe Edition?


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4 Responses to “Which ABBA album should be the next Deluxe Edition?”

  1. Mikhail Says:

    I think, it should be ‘The Visitors’. Preferable with ‘Just Like That’, it’s a super-song. 🙂
    But may be ‘Greatest Hits. Vol.II’, why not?

  2. Sergio Says:

    Me gustaria que ABBA sacaran “Oro” cantando en español, ya que hasta el momento no hay material que contenga el video “Chiquitita” en español (Deberia haber estado en Voulez Vous- Deluxe Edition), pero bueno, ojala se de algun dia.

  3. Mohammed Says:

    ABBA (I do album) is the ultimate album because of the plethora of videos it could bring especially the US tv songs (Don Kirchner) and the Dutch , French ones ,and the ‘so long-I’ve been waiting for you’ nygammalt Swedish tv apparition !
    the ORO re-edition with all the Spanish tv shows !
    i don’t see what could feature ‘the visitors’ that hasn’t been braodcast and recorded in DVD quality ? or released (number ones) ?

  4. Michael Says:

    Any of them would be fine (preferably Waterloo or ABBA) but what I’d like to see is their last official compilation, The Singles: The First Ten Years, be reissued.

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