Björn thanks gay fans

At the QX GayGalan 2011 in Stockholm on Monday night Björn was a surprise guest, presenting the award for Homo of the Year.

What is surprising to many is that he appeared on stage wearing a costume from the Mamma Mia! stage musical (perhaps it was left behind at Cirkus following the musicals run there a few years ago). Some see it as a wonderful homage to the ABBA years, others see it as hypocritical in light of his statements against an ABBA reunion, which include comments about 60-somethings squeezing back into those old costumes.

But what is getting less attention is what he actually said. He told the audience that “in the 80’s ABBA was “distinctly uncool” … But in some strange way we still remained popular in the gay scene … When we got a revival in the late 80’s, early 90’s. I’m sure it’s because we were still popular in the gay scene. That was the most important factor” He expressed gratitude on behalf of himself, Benny, Frida and Agnetha, and ended with “Thank you kind people”.

I wonder what his hetero lifemate Benny thinks of all this? You might remember in The Winner Takes It All documentary in 1999, when asked about ABBA’s gay following he expressed bewilderment and responded “did we look like transvestites?”

With this speech, and a sign at the ABBAWORLD exhibition in Sydney that mentions the first ABBA nights at the Unicorn Hotel in Sydney’s gay scene in 1987, finally some of the true roots of the ABBA revival are being revealed.

See Björn’s speech here (with English subtitles). See more photos from the GayGalen here. Aftonbladet has footage here. Many thanks to Claes Davidsson (for posting the first pic on Facebook) and icethesite (for links and additional information).


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3 Responses to “Björn thanks gay fans”

  1. Samuel N. Inglles Says:

    Hi Ian

    I have been wondering if this Mamma Mia! costume Bjorn is wearing will make it in time for the Sydney ABBA World Museum display before it closes? (Just joking)

    Have you found out if there is an extension to the museum’s stay in Sydney yet? THANKS!!!!

  2. Alejandro Says:

    I always wondered why Benny expressed like that. It was not taken out of context, his face expressed annoyannce… I can’t imagine him as a homophobic, and maybe his bewilderment was due to the lack of seriousness that the tribute for his musical work received…

  3. Neil M Says:

    I remember that comment from Benny. He made a similar comment in a recent interview. Something like “it certainly wasn’t anything to do with us!” when discussing the group’s popularity in the gay community. Methinks Benny is quite old-school homophobic to be honest. I don’t hold a grudge though…it’s mostly a generational thing, I think. A bit surprising that he wouldn’t at least TRY to hide his feelings a bit better though!!

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