Radio ABBA

ABBA fans living in Canberra, Australia’s national capital, are lucky enough to have their own weekly ABBA show on community radio station 2XX FM 98.3. Gimme Gimme Gimme is broadcast every Sunday afternoon at 5 pm Australian eastern time (7.00 am GMT March-October, 6.00 am GMT October – March). The show is hosted by ABBA fans Allison, Luke and Jane. Allison started the show in 2004, Jane and then Luke joined her after her original on-air partner Dave moved away from Canberra a few years later.

Every week the show features a mix of ABBA hits, lesser known tracks, solo work, other projects and cover versions. The show is subtitled “there is more to ABBA than you think” and every week proves that there is indeed more to ABBA than the hits on ABBA Gold. 

It’s always fun to hear the banter between the three hosts as they debate the merits (or not) of a particular ABBA song.

Some weeks there will be a theme to the show – one recent themed show have focused on songs from the musicals Chess, Kristina and Mamma Mia!, and another on the Eurovision Song Contest, the one day of the year the show will play music that is not directly connected to ABBA. The show also celebrates ABBA milestones such as the member’s birthdays.

Every week about half way through there is the latest ABBA news of anything happening in Canberra, but also around Australia and around the world. Of course the biggest ABBA news recently was the opening of ABBAWORLD in Melbourne, and on the following Sunday I chatted with Allison on-air about the opening week’s events.

Listeners outside Canberra can listen to live streaming on the internet at Many regular listeners tune in online from around Australia and around the world, including fans from New Zealand, Mexico, The Netherlands and South Africa (just to name a few). The time difference can make it difficult – in the UK it’s early morning while in America it’s after midnight. But it’s worth tuning in to celebrate ABBA!

Listeners can get connected on the show’s Facebook page , make requests, comment on the show or just chat about ABBA. The show also has a blog listing all songs available to play.

(from the Official International ABBA Fan Club Magazine #104, September 2010)


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