ITV searching for choir for ABBA special

British TV network ITV is searching for information about the children’s choir that performed on stage with ABBA at Wembley Arena in November 1979, singing ‘I Have A Dream’, for their upcoming special The Nation’s Favourite ABBA Song.

The producers are hoping to trace members of the choir to perhaps share that experience. If you have any information about the choir, or if you were one of the members of the choir, please write to as soon as possible.

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3 Responses to “ITV searching for choir for ABBA special”

  1. John Bernhardt Says:

    Here comes the snot nose kid !Do they have to drag up that horrible choir!, Those Brits are so cheesy when it comes to ABBA!.

    • Ian Cole Says:

      You can’t blame the Brits, John. It was ABBA’s idea to have a local choir perform on all the 1979 tour concerts.

      • John Bernhardt Says:

        Yes, your right It was ABBA’s bad idea to begin with, but for some reason the Brits seemed to think overly sentimental idea (Children’s choir) was worth re-revisiting. I think British culture is more accepting of a certain kind of kitsch. ” People are often surprised at some of the acts that end of on the British pop charts.

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