Frida photo for auction at

Coming soon to Frida is offering a special gift for auction, a special photograph that she has taken herself . 

In her life after ABBA and away from the public sphere Frida has taken up photography as a hobby and has taken many photographs on her travels around the world. Particularly in Africa, where many animals still run free in the wild. 

Now she is offering one of her personal photographs on auction through ABBAWORLD. The photo is of a pride of lions fighting, a unique oportunity for most professional photgraphers, let alone a hobby photographer.

Frida has offered ten prints of her photograph which will be available for auction at Each photograph will be individually numbered and personally signed by Frida. The highest bidder will also rececive a special personal message from Frida.

All profits from the auction will be donated to Kinder in not, a foundation that Frida and her friend Dan Daniell founded to help children in need. The auction should open next week at Check the website for details.

(thanks to Ingmarie Halling and Jason Tuazon-McCheyne)

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One Response to “Frida photo for auction at”

  1. Ian Cole Says:

    Frida’s photo auction is now up on the ABBAWORLD website.

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