I've been ripped off!

Imagine my surprise this week to see an image that I created on Australian national television!

This week the unfortunately popular A Current Affair featured a rare interview with legendary television producer Reg Grundy. Mr Grundy started his TV career hosting game shows in the 1950s, but moved into production of TV dramas and game shows, producing such renowned shows as Sons & Daughters, Prisoner and Neighbours (to name just a tiny sample of international recognised titles).

In 1976 Reg Grundy Productions made the TV special The Best Of ABBA, and was also awarded with the licence to produce ABBA merchandise – all those t-shirts, socks, bubble gum cards, jigsaw puzzles, posters, etc. In 1977 Grundy co-produced ABBA – The Movie.

During a montage of images depicted Grundy’s many successful productions up popped an image for ABBA – The Movie that I created for my website The ABBA Phenomenon in Australia. It’s easy to recognise the image from the colouring, the placement – it’s a colour representation of the black & white newspaper ad, it was never rendered in colour – and the watermarked name of the website can be faintly made out in the top left corner. My image has been copied across the internet – on Wikipedia it is used to represent the ABBA – The Movie poster.

See my original image here. The full interview can be seen here.



One Response to “I've been ripped off!”

  1. Samuel N. Inglles Says:

    Hi IAN

    You have a very WISE and INTELLIGENT point there!

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