ABBAWORLD opens in Melbourne

ABBAWORLD The Official Interactive Exhibition was declared open last night by none other than Agnetha and Benny, by video from Stockholm. See their video greeting here.

Members of the Official International ABBA Fan Club were treated to a special preview on Wednesday night, with the official gala opening on Thursday night.

Everyone at both events seemed to really enjoy the experience, taking part in the interactive activities and marvelling at the memorabilia on display. In a nod to the location there is a selection of original Australian ABBA merchandise from 1976 and 1977, and a board of stories from Australian ABBA fans.

Also in a special coup Australian writer Christopher Patrick’s book Let The Music Speak – an armchair guide to  the musical soundscape of the Swedish supergroup is on sale in the gift shop, the only book aside from Björn Ulvaues’s The Little White Piano authorised for sale at ABBAWORLD by the ABBA members themselves. But if you can’t get to ABBAWORLD to buy it you can order it from Christopher’s website.

ABBAWORLD opens to the public at Federation Square, Melbourne on Saturday June 19th. The exhibition is schedule to run until October 31 2010. See a report on the opening here. Go to the ABBAWORLD website for more information.


Author: Ian Cole

My name is Ian Cole, and I live in Sydney, the capital of the state of New South Wales in Australia.

12 thoughts on “ABBAWORLD opens in Melbourne”

  1. Did you have a great time at the ABBA WORLD museum IAN COLE? Were you able to take a camera in and film or take photos?

    Maybe you might want to share one or two photos with us soon here at the ABBA WORLD blog!

    I’ll probably go to Melbourne in early September or just before it closes here in Australia!

    1. I did indeed take lots of photos, Samuel. I’m still sorting them out, but I will post some here soon.

      You must go, it’s absolutely fantastic!

  2. Did you get up and danced with Agnetha and Frida?

    If you did, how was it?

    I am not exactly sure if I want to do that, as I can feel a bit shy for it.

    Although I used to dream being on stage with the real Frida and Agnetha live in concert singing for an audience while asleep and then I wake and is the most wonderful dream of all!

    They should allow people to play drums as well as a drummer is desperately needed for the show!

    But I suppose the majority of us want to sing and dance next to Frida and Agnetha!

  3. And I can’t wait to see your photos! THANK YOU for doing all this for US ABBA Fans! In our hearts we ALL appreciate your time and effort!!!

    You are a LEGENDARY ABBA FAN!!

  4. Dear IAN

    What merchandises/souvenirs did you buy? Out of them all what was your favourite? What do you recommend ABBA fans to buy? THANK YOU!!!

    1. Thanks Samuel. I bought a few things – an ABBA watch, beach towel, post cards, posters, block ABBA letters, ABBAWORLD t-shirt…

  5. ABBAWORLD would never close earlier than the end of October, would it be IAN?

    I am not planning on going until September this year!

  6. hi ian me and my wife dianne went with our 2 daughters to it on 30th june it was good n i got lots of pics too there it was our 20th wedding anniversy that day

  7. yes i got di lots of abba stuff too cost me over 170$ in the shop n she wants to go azgain on 22nd sept

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