An unusual ABBA record #6

This unusual ABBA record isn’t so unusual for its contents but for its cover image.

Grandes Éxitos was released by Universal Music in Venezuala in 2002. Its tracklist is identical to the CD The Best Of ABBA – The Millenium Collection, first released in the USA and Canada in 2000, featuring 11 ABBA hits.

But what’s unusual is the image on the front cover. At first glance it appears to be a rearranged version of a familiar photograph from 1976. However on closer examination the image was actually copied from the original version of ABBA World (2000-2004).

You can see that Frida’s necklace is bluish, rather than glittering golden, almost white as it normally looks. As a design feature for the website I’d replaced every round item in the image (even the buttons you can see on Agnetha’s front) with the world globe that featured as part of the ABBA World site logo at that time.

I always thought it was funny that an image I’d manipulated for the net ended up on an officially released CD!

The CD back cover featured the same image

My image

The original main page of ABBA World


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4 Responses to “An unusual ABBA record #6”

  1. Tony Rogers Says:

    Hi Ian,

    You should ask them for unpaid wages from using your Graphic Design work ;o) or better still, ask them for royalties ;o)


    Tony :o)

  2. Ice Says:

    Goodness me Ian! That’s amazing.

  3. Dave Says:

    Abba was the best pop group there ever was

  4. Alex Says:

    Слушаю эту музыку тридцать лет и она мне нравится все больше и больше.

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