Happy birthday Agnetha and Björn!

It’s hard to believe that this month saw Agnetha turn 60 (on April 5th) and Björn turn 65 (on April 25th) For many of us when we first met ABBA Agnetha was in her mid-20s and Björn was around 30. Which also proves just how old we’re all getting and how long ago ABBA was.

Happy birthday and best wished from all ABBA fans to both.

2 Responses to “Happy birthday Agnetha and Björn!”

  1. Victoria Says:

    I love you!!!!!

  2. "Pantsula" John Mpotoane Says:

    There is no very special of saying thank you to your all ABBA members than to create something of a tribute to you. So I am a balck South African from the Township of Katlehong and have been your fan since 14 years to my fourty years and something now. I have infect written and created a special unique tribute music to you since five years back. But cannot get hold of ABBA business associates. I even phoned Universal music Sweden and was dissapointed. My idea is unique as I created songs that are paying tribute to you in your system style. But he songs are not any of ABBA’s which make it great.

    I would be so happy to see this music recognised and palyed worldwide and seeing myself shaking hands with ABBA members. Lastly even though it has been that ABBA will never perform again. But for me I will force your to perform slowly and for fewer minutes for one of your world favourite Tata Mr Nelson Mandela himself, I know he is your fan and if you can have those voices near him, he will be so refreshed. ABBA fame is equivalent to MAndela himself. Submitted date 20th Sep 2010 TO abbaSITE BLOCK

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