ABBAWORLD opens today!

abbaworldex_200ABBAWORLD, the touring ABBA exhibition, officially opens tonight at Earls Court in London.

ABBAWORLD has been a long time coming. Originally ABBA the Museum, it was to open in Stockholm in June 2009. Unfortunately those plans folded, but from the ashes came ABBAWORLD, the exhibition that will tour the world for the next few years until a permanent home is built in Stockholm.

I should have been there. I travelled to Stockholm last year at the time ABBA the Museum was to have opened – by the time the opening was cancelled the trip was already booked, and who can resist a trip to Stockholm in summer? (pity the weather didn’t agree, but that was another issue).

Instead I’m back home in Sydney, reading reports and seeing photos from fans who attended a special preview for ABBA Fan Club members a few days ago. Still, I’m enjoying many wonderful Sydney Festival events, so I can’t really complain.

Tonight is the official opening gala. ABBA members Björn and Frida will be there. I hear festivities start from 7.30 pm. Tomorrow the exhibition opens to the public, open daily until 28 March 2010. Word has filtered through from London that ABBAWORLD will open in Melbourne, Australia in May 2010.

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14 Responses to “ABBAWORLD opens today!”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Yes, I totally agree. My family and I had Platinum Tickets for the Opening in June 2009 in Stockholm. I was devasted that it was cancelled! And once again Australia misses out on the Opening. Does everyone forget that Abba were a big hit down here first????
    I don’t think we will be lucky enough to have anyone here from Abba for the Aussie opening, do you????

    • Ian Cole Says:

      Brenda, I don’t imagine we’ll see any ABBA members for the ABBAWORLD opening in Australia. At least it’s apparently the second port of call for the exhibition, so that’s some consolation.

  2. toshio Says:

    I want to see the exhibition in tokyo JAPAN.

    Do you know abba world take place in tokyo in the future?

    • Ian Cole Says:

      Toshio, there’s no news yet that ABBAWORLD will visit Japan. One of the many articles this week said that it was hoped the exhibition would make it to “Australia and New York” before the end of this year.

  3. toshio Says:

    thank you for your reply!

  4. Patrick Pearse Says:

    Is this exhibit scheduled to come to Chicago? If so I would make a point of covering the event.

    I just wrote a piece on how ABBA can still be blocked from induction to the Rock n Roll Hall of fame.

    • Ian Cole Says:

      No, there are no plans for ABBAWORLD to go to Chicago that I’m aware of. There has been talk of it opening in New York before the end of this year.

  5. Samuel N.Inglles Says:

    OK Ian

    So ABBA World is coming to Melbourne next!

    Will it stop over at other Australian cities such as Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane and so on before leaving for the Big Apple?

  6. Samuel N.Inglles Says:

    Patrick Pearse

    I have been in a classroom as an adult person (over 18 years old) with other adult students where we all studied Geometry in a maths class taught by an adult female teacher.

    The ABBA song and video could also suggest that this story is between adult students and an adult teacher. Maybe it is more innocent than you have imagined?

  7. Ian Cole Says:

    ABBAWORLD opens at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia in June. Tickets on sale in March.

  8. Samuel N. Inglles Says:

    Hi Ian

    Is any ABBA member coming to Melbourne for the ABBA World museum opening?

  9. toshio Says:

    I am going to go sydney(not Melbourne) ,
    if you know, please tell me the place where sells abba goods.

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