No Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition?

Voulez-VousOne of the most anticipated and expected ABBA releases this year has been the Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition.

We have had precedent with the Waterloo 30th Anniversary Edition in 2004, which should have been in the Deluxe Edition series but wasn’t; Arrival Deluxe Edition in 2006 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of that album’s release; and ABBA – The Album Deluxe Edition in 2007.

The Deluxe Editions don’t necessarily coincide with the anniversary of the albums’ release.

It seems that this year we won’t be getting a Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get one at some point in the future, nor that we might not get Deluxe Editions of other ABBA albums. This year it appears that priorities have been elsewhere – the highly anticipated ABBA in Japan DVD for one.

Many fans have written to Carl Magnus Palm asking whether there will be a Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition or for news of the ABBA in Japan DVD or whatever other new releases might be in the pipeline. Unfortunately he’s constrained by what has been announced. As many of you would know I’ve been honoured enough to work with Carl Magnus on many ABBA releases over the years. I can assure you that he and Universal Music are well aware of what’s out there and what sort of releases the fans would like to see.

Visit Carl Magnus for much information on the work he has put in to so many ABBA releases so far and hints at other releases he would like to see in the future.


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10 Responses to “No Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition?”

  1. Tony Rogers Says:

    I hope ‘Voulez-Vous’ will have some sort of commemoration in time. Similarly, another milestone: ‘ABBA’ didn’t have a deluxe edition. But then neither did ‘Ring Ring’. Sigh. Oh well… at least we’ve been lucky to have so many treats since 1992 that none of us could have ever dreamed of during the 80s.

  2. Saqib Qadri Says:

    Was really looking forward to this one!!
    But more than that, I was really expecting a CD release of Greatest Hits Vol-2 (30th Anniversary)!!
    Am severely disappointed now!!

  3. Ian Cole Says:

    I wouldn’t have expected an anniversary release of Greatest Hits Vol. 2. The first Greatest Hits album was somewhat iconic – it was the first international hit ABBA album, particularly in the UK and USA. Greatest Hits Vol. 2 was almost like a filler release, to have something new on the shelves for the concert tour. And all the songs are on ABBA Gold and More ABBA Gold, unlike Greatest Hits – half of those songs weren’t on either of the Gold discs.

  4. Adam Dawson Says:

    ‘Just A Notion’ should definately be included on the ‘Voulez-Vous’ Deluxe Edition it is a fantastic ABBA song and the full version does exist as it was mixed in 1994 for the ‘Thank You For The Music’ Box Set.

    ‘Just A Notion’ is a must have song from 1978 and the album sales would be skyhigh if ‘Just A Notion’ was included.

  5. Ian Cole Says:

    Adam, I agree that ‘Just A Notion’ would be a fantastic inclusion, but I can’t see Benny and Bjorn approving its release in full after vetoing it for the box set in 1994, which was originally to include the full version. Apparently they weren’t couldn’t come up with a mix that they felt was satisfactory. Which is a shame, it sounds like a great song.

  6. MarkPMus Says:

    November 2009 would have been the 30th anniversary of the 79 concerts at Wembley. Now B&B were on Swap Shop the morning of the 10th Nov 79 saying that they were recording these gigs. There are official versions of some of the songs, including edited versions on the ABBA Live DVD. The unused film footage for that documentary was thrown away I understand, but I believe the audio for the whole gig is still in existence. I would love there to be a (non peak limited :P) CD release of the whole concert(s). The set list was pretty standard, even the dialogue every night was similar, so fans in Milwaukee will still be able to get nostalgic about the 79 tour even if the gig is not actually the one they saw. Please Universal, sort it out for us!

  7. Ian Cole Says:

    An announcement on ABBA The Official Site today declares that the Deluxe Edition of Voulez-Vous will be released this [northern] Spring.

  8. Tony Rogers Says:

    Yay!!! 🙂

  9. Tony Rogers Says:

    Just saw your updated list of inclusions. Looks like such great value for one of the ‘Deluxe’ series! Cheers.

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