My City_My Life: Björn Ulvaeus in Stockholm

Björn Ulvaeus - My City_My Life

In September on ‘My City_My Life’ ABBA pop legend Björn Ulvaeus (pictured) takes viewers on a journey around Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, including the city’s picturesque Gamla Stan (the Old Town) and the Ostermalmshallen Food Hall to the Vasa, Scandinavia’s most visited museum. As cameras explore the city, Bjorn talks about its vibrant atmosphere and shows viewers the studio where the first ABBA songs were recorded. Along the way, ‘My City_My Life’ discovers the city’s quaint neighbourhoods, its cultural splendour and joins Bjorn on a helicopter ride to the island of Söderarm. As the ABBA star puts it, ‘there’s no Stockholm without its archipelago’.

Show times:
Thursday September 3: 1030
Friday September 4: 0500
Saturday September 5: 1030, 1900
Sunday September 6: 0030, 1630

All times GMT.

Check local guides for local times. The programme can be viewed on line from September 3 @ Click here to view a teaser clip.

Source: CNN


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2 Responses to “My City_My Life: Björn Ulvaeus in Stockholm”

  1. allen Says:

    yeah, i love him and abba. this is an exciting year for them with ‘kristina’ and ‘thank you for the music’.

  2. Ian Cole Says:

    The full programme and more information is now online @

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