Official ABBA site to relaunch

Word on the net is that the revamped official ABBA site will be launched on Wednesday 4 March, and will include an on-line music store.

From Swedish media site Media Culpa:

There was an interesting article in Dagens Industri today (online but subscription required) about ABBA, the Swedish music group. On Wednesday the band will launch an online music store on its website where they will sell ABBA songs directly to fans. One of the smart features of the music store is that fans will be able to embed it on their blogs or Facebook profiles, literarily creating tens of thousands of ABBA stores online.

With the store, created by the Swedish company Dimest, the band will be able to keep as much as 90 percent of the revenues from the sale. The songs will be sold as mp3 files in higher quality than Itunes and without copyright protection.

ABBA has more than 175,000 members in its online community and leveraging the fans is a smart strategy.

Stay tuned for more news.

Source: ABBA to launch online music store. Thanks to icethesite.

Link: ABBA – The Official Site

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One Response to “Official ABBA site to relaunch”

  1. Samuel Inglles Says:

    Hi Ian

    Something related to ABBA.

    Kind Regards
    Samuel Inglles

    Review: ASO Plays ABBA (with Rajaton)

    lifestyleArts & Entertainment25 May 09 @ 03:46pm by Eleanor Miller
    YOU could argue that classical musicians don’t dedicate years perfecting their craft in order to back up ABBA cover bands.

    But try telling that to the sell-out crowd that packed the Festival Theatre on Saturday night.

    The audience, which ranged in age from five-ish to 95-ish, was there to see the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra accompany Helsinki ABBA sextuplet Rajaton (pictured).

    Evidently there were plenty of die-hard ABBA fans in the house ready to party.

    And it would appear that none of them went home disappointed.

    OK, this may not have been the most innovative or musically complex show ever, but it certainly was fun, uplifting and a great way to spend a Saturday night.

    Rajaton had members of the audience cheering, clapping, tapping their feet and occasionally jumping out of their seats.

    The ushers didn’t seem overly impressed with the band’s invitation to dance in the aisles perhaps there were some occupational health and safety concerns – never mind.

    So what does ABBA sound like when performed orchestrally (with a drum kit and electric guitars thrown in)?

    In some cases (Chiquitita, Knowing Me, Knowing You, One of Us) there was a definite “middle of the road’’ feel to the sound.

    For others (Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! and Waterloo), the orchestra added real drama and delight – a string section is perfect for that Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! riff.

    No offence to the wonderful ASO, but Rajaton’s a cappella songs were a highlight.

    The group performed a couple of genuinely innovative interpretations featuring human drum beats and, in the case of Fernando, a human bagpipe.

    For the most part though, neither the orchestra nor the band messed too greatly with ABBA’s originals – a wise decision for this audience it would seem.

    The only disappointment was that there wasn’t a white flare or catsuit to be seen.

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