Let The Music Speak book launch

ABBA Let The Music SpeakLast night I was thrilled to attend the launch party for Christopher Patrick’s new book ABBA Let The Music Speak in Brisbane.  



Judith Durham launching ABBA Let The Music SpeakThe book was officially launched by Judith Durham of legendary Australian group The Seekers. Judith has also endorsed the book, describing it as “quite literally awesome… a wonderful exposé.”   


Chris signing the bookChris happily signed copies of the book that people bought. Many of the people at the party bought at least one copy – some bought two or three!  



Judith signs my CDJudith was also gracious enough to talk to people and sign copies of the book or other items. I was thrilled to get the chance to chat with her. I grew up with The Seekers’ music and saw several of their reunion concerts in the 1990s and early 2000s.   


Roxy and TrudyIt was also great for me to see old friends Chris and Matti, and to meet new friends Trudy, Roxy, Sue and Darren. It was fun to share this special night with other ABBA fans.


A couple of years ago Chris asked me to look over his manuscript. Since then I’ve been looking forward to the day that the book would be out in the world, when others would be able to read Chris’s masterwork. I’m so happy that it’s now available, people around the world have already received it and will be reading it. 

If you enjoy ABBA’s music, and you want to know more than facts about recording sessions and lyrical inspirations, you will want to read this book.

ABBA Let The Music Speak is now available from Chris’s website or the ABBA Fan Club Shop. Judith’s full review of the book can also be read on Chris’s site. For the latest news on the book, see Chris’s blog. Get in quick to order one of the first 100 numbered and signed copies from Chris’s website.

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4 Responses to “Let The Music Speak book launch”

  1. abbaletthemusicspeak Says:

    Hi Ian and everyone

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful insight into my recent book launch.
    It was a wonderful night, with special guests singer/songwriter Judith Durham and Ian from interstate, and around 130 local ABBA music lovers.

    Judith was absolutely enchanting, and I was so honoured that she had
    actually cancelled some other appointments to fly up from Melbourne to be part of my special night. We had four speakers on the night: Graham Simpson (Judith’s manager and author of her biography “The Judith Durham Story: Colours Of My Life”), my production editor Matt Tesch (who birthed my baby), Judith Durham, and myself.

    Judith caused a sensation when she reunited with her former Seekers colleagues Athol Guy, Keith Potger and Bruce Woodley in 1993, after a split of 25 years. Their original hits included “The Carnival Is Over”, “Georgy Girl” and “I’ll Never Find Another You”. One of the Seekers’ most ABBA-sounding songs is “Colours Of My Life” – a favourite of mine – recorded in 1967.

    Judith has been a loyal supporter of my musical – and now literary – pursuits, and she remains a constant inspiration, both personally and professionally. Check out Judith’s uinique voice on YouTube if you haven’t heard her before.

    Judith declared “ABBA” Let The Music Speak” officially launched at about
    8.30pm AEST on Tuesday December 16 … totally coincidental that it also happened to be Benny’s birthday!

    The ABBA-themed celebrations continued the following afternoon, when Judith and her manager attended a matinee of the ABBA MANIA show (in which I’m playing cello, currently playing at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast) before flying back to Melbourne.

    I am looking forward to hearing what Benny and Bjorn think of my new book, and am delighted to say there is a steadily growing band of international readers (from South Africa to Denmark to Argentina) who have pledged their faith in me and my writing. Thanks to all those who have taken the plunge, and hope you are enjoying the read!

    It’s been wonderful to share a little of the latest, and I wish everyone a peaceful, safe and happy festive season and my very best wishes for a 2009 full of joys, surprises and continued appreciation and celebration of the magic that is ABBA.


    Chris Patrick

  2. Ian Cole Says:

    Media release # 3 – April 2009 has just been released.

  3. Samuel Inglles Says:

    Hi Ian

    Something here about Chris’s book.

    Kind Regards
    Samuel Inglles


    Category: Entertainment
    Author: Nick Bond
    Posted: Tuesday, 26 May 2009

    •Unveiling the magic of ABBA

    For most ABBA fans, appreciation of the group’s music doesn’t extend much deeper than the fact that classic songs like Dancing Queen make you feel like, well, a dancing queen.

    But for musicologist Chris Patrick, a lifelong love of ABBA and a passion for analysing music meant that he wanted to know more about these songs. He wanted to know why they’re so well-loved.

    The fruits of his labour? ABBA: Let The Music Speak, an exhaustive, 400-page analysis of ABBA, their music, and their place in pop history.

    “It had been in my mind for years, the idea of deconstructing ABBA songs to see what it is about them that makes people love them,” Patrick explained to the Star.

    “It took four years — two solid years of writing full-time, then two years of fine-tuning while I looked for publishers.”

    While four years and 400 pages worth of work might sound like something of a slog, the book is a surprisingly engaging read. Patrick said he was sure to make it palatable to the masses, in keeping with ABBA’s style.

    “It’s a story worth telling, and there are people out there keen to know what makes ABBA’s music work and why. I certainly wasn’t going to go down the elitist route and talk above people. ABBA reached the masses, so I wanted my book to do that too.”

    Despite their mass appeal, Patrick said one of his most intriguing findings was the deceptive complexity of ABBA’s music.

    “The paradox with ABBA’s music is that it’s really quite complex; the arrangements are often quite technically difficult. Benny and Bjorn had a very good understanding of what makes a good melody,” he explained.

    “The lyrics were always secondary, they’d find lyrics to fit with the melodies they liked. As the years went on, the lyrics got a lot more mature and serious.”

    Despite his love for the band, Patrick’s book is no one-eyed fanboy tribute. After all, for every classic like Mamma Mia, there was a dodgy B-side or album track (King Kong Song, anybody?).

    “I’m not precious at all. I’m very quick to point out the songs that were just a bit of throwaway fun. King Kong Song is one of those songs your average ABBA fan would prefer to forget. Benny and Bjorn were great at knowing when a song wasn’t up to scratch, but occasionally a few slipped through the net.”

    Ultimately, what impressed Patrick most about ABBA was the indefinable chemistry they shared.

    “Benny and Bjorn really pushed those girls to the limit. I think the harmonic chemistry between them, more than anything, is what I really came to appreciate when I was writing the book.”

    info: ABBA: Let The Music Speak is only available from abbaletthemusicspeak.com

  4. Samuel Inglles Says:

    Hi Ian

    More on Chris!

    Kind Regards


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