Let the music speak – a new book

ABBA Let The Music SpeakABBA Let The Music Speak – An armchair guide to the musical soundscape of the Swedish supergroup is an exciting new book by Australian musician and ABBA fan Christopher Patrick.

Let The Music Speak is a unique guide to ABBA’s music from a musician’s point-of-view. In the book Chris disects both the songs’ melodies and the arrangements of the recordings. Though the book is heavy in musical terms, it’s written in an easy-to-read style that anyone without a musical eduction will be able to understand.

I’ve been lucky enough to read the book in draft. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m glad that soon it’s going to be out in the world and people will finally be able to read it. I have to say that if you love ABBA’s music, you’ll want to read this book. It should be available from November 2008.

More information about Let The Music Speak including ordering details will soon be posted to www.christopherpatrick.com.au.

Marketing release #1

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8 Responses to “Let the music speak – a new book”

  1. Willem Van De Wal Says:

    Hello!!! Please Let Me Know When The Album will Be Availeble In South Africa!!!

  2. Samuel Inglles Says:

    Hi Ian and Christopher Patrick

    I have been longing to read this book.

    I have recently wondered about the fate of it!

    I am glad I can buy myself a wonderful early Christmas present soon.

    Thanks a world!

    Kind Regards
    Samuel Inglles

  3. Chris Patrick Says:

    Hi Willem, Samuel and any other fans who want to know more about the sound and the music of ABBA! I am very excited that this book, which has taken three years to complete, is about to be released. Keep watching the wonderful ABBA World and my website for more details. It will be available in November, actual release date and how to order details to be posted very soon. You will be able to order the book direct from my website, anywhere in the world.

    I appreciate very much your interest, and I hope you will enjoy reading the book.

    Very best wishes,

    Christopher Patrick, author of “ABBA: Let The Music Speak”

  4. Ian Cole Says:

    Thanks Chris!

    For anyone interested in the latest news about the book, check out the new ABBA Let The Music Speak blog.

  5. abbaletthemusicspeak Says:

    Hi Ian and everyone


    Today, Monday December 8, was the big day!! The books have arrived, and I spent an exhausting but exhilirating afternoon with my production editor hauling 100 boxes of 10 off the delivery truck and into the house.

    I have begun processing orders, and managed to dispatch the first 30 books tonight to Australian destinations, with international orders to follow tomorrow.

    The books look gorgeous; I’m delighted with them and look forward to reading some fan reviews as word gets around that the world’s first musical expose of ABBA is now available! Check out my website http://www.christopherpatrick.com.au or http://www.abbaletthemusicspeak.com for more details, and hope you enjoy ABBA: Let The Music Speak.

    Cheers to all,

    Chris Patrick

  6. Ian Cole Says:

    Media release # 3 – April 2009 has just been released.

  7. Samuel Inglles Says:

    Hi Ian

    Listen to a Chris interview here!

    Kind Regards
    Samuel Inglles


    All things Abba , Peter Dick talks to author Chris Patrick about his new book, ‘Abba- Let The Music Speak’.

  8. Roll Sulliivan Says:

    Agnetha. Viking Goddess

    Golden hair as from the Sun
    Eyes of blue like the skies in spring
    And singing as beautiful and pure
    As could only be an angel from paradise.

    I think God madeb only one Agnetha
    And because she is perfection
    He never need make another.

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