ABBA the Museum opening delayed

FLASH! Today the official site for ABBA the Museum posted an announcement that the opening has been delayed indefinitely. The statement says that “the project is more complicated” than expected, and at this time it is not clear whether the museum will even open in its announced location. See the statement here.

Fans from all corners of the world have already made their travel arrangements, booked accomodation and flights at one of the more expensive times of the year in one of the world’s most expensive cities. Many have probably made bookings that are non-refundable to get the best deals. Now they will be stuck with travel plans that they may not have necessarily made otherwise.

I know a lot of people from North America, Australia and even within Europe who have already made their travel bookings. Some of them have had to work hard to afford it or take leave at that time of year. Some have used the Museum opening as the basis of their first-ever, once-in-a-lifetime overseas trip. Will they be able or willing to do it again when/if the Museum does finally open?

Three thousand expensive opening packages have been sold since December, as well as untold numbers of other tickets since they went on sale in March. Museum ticket refunds have been offered, though no mechanism for claiming a refund has been announced. But who will recompense for redundant travel plans?

There has been a lot of enthusiasm for the Museum since it was first announced. But there has also been just as much skepticism. Now I fear the skeptics will say they were justified.

Now it seems obvious why updates on the website had come to a halt – the “About ABBA” feature hadn’t been updated since June – and why the link to buy tickets disappeared without explanation a few weeks ago.

A lot of people are going to be very pissed off over the next few days, and all the goodwill that has been generated over the past year or so will evaporate.



6 Responses to “ABBA the Museum opening delayed”

  1. Ian Cole Says:

    Ticket buyers have just received this email:

    To those who have purchased tickets for ABBA the Museum!

    The renovation of the 100 year old building where ABBA the Museum was meant to open is more extensive and will take much longer than expected.

    This means that ABBA the Museum will not be able to open in Stockholm on June 4, 2009.

    This is very sad news for everyone involved, and especially for you, who have purchased tickets. It may not provide very much consolation, but we will naturally give you a refund for the tickets and the entire opening packages. More information on how this will be done will be sent to you within a few weeks. Please await this information.

    There will definitely be an ABBA museum, but at this stage we don’t know where or when. All news will be communicated through our website

    Best regards

    ABBA the Museum.

  2. Chris Williams Says:

    Thanks, Ian, for a more rounded opinion on this story than I’ve read elsewhere. This statement from The Museum concerned me: “There will definitely be an ABBA museum, but at this stage we don’t know where or when.” – Wait, “where” ?! Everything seems very uncertain, to say the least! I haven’t made any bookings whatsoever in relation to the Museum, but I am wholly disappointed for those fans who have. Your summing up, on the good will that has been lost, was spot-on, Ian.

  3. Ann Maree Says:

    A group of four of us have just bought 4 return tickets to Stockholm from Australia and New Zealand. We dont want to go now if the museum doesnt open but our fares are non-refundable. So its OK to delay but give us a date so that we can rebook !

    Ann Maree Grant and friends

  4. Brenda Says:

    We have tickets for my family and I to go to the opening of the Museum. I am VERY disappointed in the organisation of the Abba Museum. Wouldn’t you try and hire as many building contractors to get the building finished on time??? With all the interest of OUR money that is in their bank (hopefully!!) should be enough to pay for it!!! And to say “where” it is to be renovated, tells me they haven’t even started it!!!!!???? Someone hasn’t done their research!!
    At least I hadn’t booked the airline tickets yet. I was going to this month!!
    Who else had tickets from Australia and is so disappointed????

  5. Yessica Says:

    i love agnetha!!! is fantastic. ire al tributo a abba este 21 de oct. ak en panama. un abrazo

  6. Ian Cole Says:

    For the latest news see ABBA the Museum refund announcement.

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