ABBA reunites – sort of


from left: Benny Andersson, Pierce Brosnan, Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Agnetha Fältskog, Anni-Frid Ruess, Christine Baranski, Colin Firth, Catherine Johnson, Phyllida Lloyd, Judy Craymer, Björn Ulvaeus and Dominic Cooper. Photo: Scanpix/Mats Andersson; Aftonbladet

Last night saw the long anticipated ABBA reunion – sort of.

There had been speculation for several weeks that “ABBA would reunite” for the Stockholm premiere of the MAMMA MIA! movie.

Many had predicted that all four would not turn up, or all would turn up but remain separated (myself included), as they did when the musical opened in Stockholm in February 2005.

Anni-Frid, Agnetha, Benny and Björn appeared on the balcony of the Hotel Rival, alongside the lead actors from the film and the director, producer and screenwriter. Though they still managed to remain separate – Benny and Björn to the far sides of the group, Agnetha and Frida together in the middle.

Meryl Streep, Agnetha Fältskog, Anni-Frid RuessMuch to the delight of ABBA fans everywhere (and the attending media) Frida and Agnetha together embraced star Meryl Streep on the red carpet, and then the three joined together in a circle dance. Video can be seen at Aftonbladet and probably all over YouTube.

As fabulous as it is to see Agnetha obviously enjoying herself with her former collegues, I do wish she would get herself a stylist when she goes out in public. She has worn this same outfit of white top – with a hint of black lace showing from underneath – and black pants for at least two or threee of her recent reported public outings, and it’s not particularly flattering. We all remember that black wrap-around mesh thing she wore to the stage musical’s opening in 2005. Women of a certain age should not go sleeveless. She’s still an attractive woman, she just seems to want to dress down her image.

This is the first time the four ABBA members have been seen together by the wider public since singing ‘Tivedshambo’ on video for a Stig Anderson television tribute in January 1986. Though it is not the first ABBA reunion since then – they have sung together several times for close friends’ birthdays, the most recent known occasion was Görel Hanser’s 50th birthday in June 1999.

See ABBA World’s MAMMA MIA! THE MOVIE mini-site for the latest news on film premieres.

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11 Responses to “ABBA reunites – sort of”

  1. keithmansfield Says:

    A great spot – I have a year to work out how to wangle an invite for the ABBA the Museum opening, which will surely be the next time.

  2. Ian Cole Says:

    Hi Keith,

    As I understand it, the opening ceremony of ABBA the Museum will be outside and open to the public, much like Friday’s balcony appearance but a little more formalised. Tickets to visit the Museum during the opening week are still available.

    I might see you there!

  3. bigt Says:

    “Women of a certain age should not go sleeveless.” Are you serious???

  4. Paul Says:

    Thanks for the pics and story.

    What do you think will be the next big ABBA-event, where all 4 ex-members are physically present? Do you foresee many more such events? Was this last one the final, or the next-to-final, ABBA-event ever?

    That’s what I believe, anyway. I doubt any of them will want to make a hoo-haa about the opening of a privately-owned museum built to make money from their legacy – they’re far too modest and probably wouldn’t want their peers (the other big music artists) thinking that ABBA had an inflated idea of their own significance in the pantheon of pop music. After all, the Bs are the first guys to tell you that they are humbled by, and would never compare themselves to, the likes of The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

    Getting back to the question: do you think there will be any more showstopping events for which ABBA will appear? Do you think that this was their final, very last, hurrah?


  5. Ian Cole Says:

    Hi Paul,

    The only logical future event that I can imagine all four attending will be the opening of ABBA the Museum in June 2009. They might not be directly involved in the organisation, but they are contributing. And it is about celebrating ABBA.

    We do have the 10th anniversary of Mamma Mia!/35th anniversary of Waterloo next April, but we already had that much-hyped “reunion” attempt in 2004. And who really thought that Agnetha would attend that?

    Any other likely events attracting all four will probably be private, like when they sang together at Görel Hanser’s 50th birthday party in June 1999.


  6. goodsmile Says:

    What a stupid thig to say, women of a certain age should not go sleevless. Who the fuck are you to say that, how irritating,,,,, U of all people know what it takes to get Agnetha out and about what with her phobias and the likes, It was absolutely amazing to see The girl with the golden hair there to celebrate Mamma mia,,,,,, I still have alot of sympathy for Agnetha, could u sing the song the winner takes itall that u exhusband wrote and made u perform….. Im sure it hit her later that he was indeed the loe of her life…… and the words, they passed me by all of thoes great romances, are certainly prevelant to er now…. Getting back her out fit.. so what if she as worn it a few times….. She looked better than Frida with that siver grey grannie out fit, and Miss Meryl Street, Agnetha looked a million bucks.

  7. Ian Cole Says:

    Who the fuck am I? Just a person with an opinion like you or anyone else.

    Yes, I have sympathy for Agnetha and some of the things that have happened in her life. But I also know that she’s not the sad, lonely recluse who never leaves her house that the media and some fans portray her to be. I know she’s often out on the town with friends or at particular events, but most of the time she’s lucky enough to not be spotted and reported on as if it’s major news. Comments on a blog aren’t going to stop her.

    Agnetha is still an attractive and vibrant woman, I just wish she would wear something more attractive and flattering when she knows she’s going to a public event that’s going to be reported in the world’s media, to do something to help dispel the myths.

    You might not like what Frida wears (and personally I don’t like a lot of what she wears either), but you have to admit that she’s always well dressed.

    Thanks for your comments.

  8. jes Says:

    i really dont get it…neta’s outfit was fine for me…many people complaint about it…that she would make herself look younger than she actually is….the sleeveless shirt…her arms…blabla…i found her attractive beyond words…very sexy…i guess its a matter of taste…she just cant win…what she wears is her decision and i dont think that she needs a stylist…what for??? shes not that often in the limelight and she always looks trendy and beautiful…and btw…that outfit she didnt wear before…im sure she can afford more than 1 pair of pants and shirts

  9. Samuel Inglles Says:

    Hi Ian

    This is a good link for anyone wanting to read anything to do with Mamma Mia!

    Kind Regards
    Samuel Inglles

  10. marianne mcgrath Says:

    is it true ABBA are replacing michael jackson in uk tours?

  11. Ian Cole Says:

    Marianne, no, it’s not true. ABBA have declined all offers for reunions. Both spokeswoman Gorel Hanser and Benny himself have denied that they have even received this offer, let alone that they will be taking it up. Besides, they would have to be ready to start next week!

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