The lost artwork

If you’ve only ever seen ABBA’s records on CD, then it’s likely that you’ve never seen this particular piece of artwork before.

It appeared on the lyric sheet on the inner sleeve of ABBA – The Album, rising up from the album title and filling in a bit of blank space between lyrics.

This has never appeared on any of the common CD issues of ABBA – The Album, which is a shame, as it’s fun and quirky.


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5 Responses to “The lost artwork”

  1. torbjorn lien Says:

    Actually, the artwork can be found on The Album mini lp sleeve from the japanese original album box from 2004.

  2. Ian Cole Says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Torbjorn. Yes, that’s indeed true. The CD in that limited edition Japanese box set was a scan of the complete Epic (UK) gatefold sleeve.

    But this piece of artwork has not appeared on any of the widespread international CD releases.

  3. Nils Anthony Says:

    Another quirky design element that has been overlooked, is the three dancing jesters on the back-cover of the Super Trouper album, just beneath the song titles and production credits. Maybe something to look forward to on the 2010 deluxe-edition of Super Trouper?

  4. David Fyfe Says:

    Hi Ian,

    Another thing that I find quite remarkable, are the copies of “ABBA News” that were published assumingly in Sweden in 1977. I have three issues of it from this period (I have no idea how many were published).

    But the interesting aspect is that it contains some of the artwork in the style of The Album. The earliest one I have (which is undated) but appears to be from early 1977 before the Aussie tour, includes the exact palm tree and kangaroo from the cover of the LP. But there’s also a jumbo jet and Eiffel Tower in the same style. “Rare & unreleased” artwork?

    A later issue, dated May 1977 includes some more artwork. It is basically of a few very tall buildings with some trees in the same vein as the ones on the back cover of The Album LP cover.

    I think it amazing that this artwork was done in what appears to be at least 10 months in advance and held back until Dec 1977 before it was actually used. properly. And it looks like they didn’t use all of it.


  5. Ian Cole Says:

    I’ve never seen those other issues of ABBA News, only the front of the one promoting ABBA – The Movie, which was printed in John Tobler’s ABBA Gold book. I’d love to see those other issues sometime.

    I’m not really surprised that there was other artwork in the same style, but like you I’m surprised that it was done so far in advance. Then again, The Movie was tentatively scheduled for release earlier than it was (August and then October), so perhaps that’s why the artwork was prepared so early.

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