Frida recording new album?

The latest rumour doing the rounds is that Frida is to record a new album, with 12 to 14 songs performed with an orchestra, to be produced by former Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord.

The source of the story is the the Swiss gossip magazine GlücksPost. Apparently the author of the story met with Frida at an (unnamed, undated) event in London.

A very similar rumour went around just after Jon Lord’s album Beyond The Notes, featuring the Frida-sung ‘The Sun Will Shine Again’, was released in September 2004. Given Frida’s many comments in recent years that she has “closed the doors” on her musical career, and the repetition of the rumour, it doesn’t seem too likely. But we’ve been surprised before, so we’ll wait and see what happens.

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10 Responses to “Frida recording new album?”

  1. Scandiaca Says:

    Well, the event could be the Sunflower Jam… Frida and an orchestra – sounds a little bit strange 🙂 But it would be great to see her in the lights again…

  2. Ian Cole Says:

    You could be right Scandiaca, it may well have been this year’s Sunflower Jam on 20 September.

  3. Graeme Says:

    We can dream, I suppose. But if this is a rumour, she has left us more than enough solo material to keep us going forever. I will never tire of “djupa andetag” or “ensam.” And as for The Sun Will Shine Again, there is no other song, as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

  4. Uwe Says:

    All of us hope that it is not a Dream! I read on a swedish website a brand new Album by Frida should have been released at September 28th this Year called ‘Where do we go’. I found out a Store in Sweden to order but at least they took it out of stock. I’ll be after it and let You know!

  5. Ian Cole Says:

    Uwe, that album Where Do We Go is by another Swedish artist named Frida von Schewen. Check her out at

  6. Uwe Says:

    Hi Ian, thanks for your Answer!
    So many People who read the advertising of this Album were astonished…
    At least I checked out Frida von Schewen’s Website. Not bad at all but never gonna reach the real Frida. Thanks for Your clue!

  7. Ian Cole Says:

    I’ve since learned that there’s yet another Swedish artist calling herself “Frida”, Frida Muranius. See her website at

  8. Ian Cole Says:

    UPDATE: in an interview on the German television programme Brissant on Monday night (22 October), Frida apparently confirmed that she and Jon Lord have been discussing a possible music project in the future. See for further news.

  9. Ian Cole Says:

    UPDATE: What Frida actually said in the interview on Brisent:

    “I had a discussion with Jon Lord from Deep Purple – we are very close friends – and I did sing on his previous album a song that he wrote for me – and since we have had discussions or talked about it and it´s there and we are talking more and more about maybe!”
    (though this seems to have been translated back from German)

    Here’s another fab interview with Björn and Frida in Berlin where the topic comes up at Torgen am Morgen.

    Torgen: Do you have any desire to record music again? And I love the thing you did with Jon Lord.

    Frida: Yeah. Oh, funny that you mention him. Since we did that project together, we actually… we have actually talked of doing something else together, and I think it’s slowly moving towards that. But first we have to kind of do, we have to try out and do some demos and see if we at all like it because it’s not going to be anything like I’ve done before with ABBA or like Jon did with Deep Purple obviously. So it will be totally different kind of music…

    Torgen: So you won’t be singing ‘Smoke On The Water’?

    Frida: No I will not and I’m sure he will not either

  10. Marco Says:

    ….Hi writng this in May 09…Does anyone know ANYTHING!!!about what happened to this so called collaboration with Jon Lord …for a full c.d.??? I was sooo excited of the prospect of Frida recording again..hmmm..sigh!

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