BAO in concert

Benny Anderssons OrkesterBenny Anderssons Orkester (BAO) performs tonight with Tommy Körberg at the annual televised concert series Allsång på Skansen. Regular singer Helen Sjöholm won’t be joining the band tonight, as she’s resting following the birth of her first child (a boy).

Tonight’s concert is expected to feature two new Andersson & Ulvaeus compositions, ‘Bonde söker fru’ (Farmer seeks wife) and ‘Fait accompli’.

BAO will be performing two “dance” concerts later this year, at Globen in Stockholm on 26 October, and at Scandinavium in Gothenburg on 2 November. Helen will be back on board along with Tommy, singing with the band for these two special concerts. See Mono Music for more information (in Swedish) and links to tickets.

BAO will also release a new album in the (northern) autumn. The new album will include an unfinished 1979 Benny & Björn song, ‘Crush On You’, often described in the media as a “lost ABBA song“, though due to its unfinished state back then, it was never in considertion for ABBA to record.

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3 Responses to “BAO in concert”

  1. Ian Cole Says:

    The Allsång på Skansen concert, including the two new BAO songs, can be viewed online now at SVT.

    Curiously, the on-screen titles for ‘Bonde söker fru’ credited “musik & text” to Benny alone. Either preliminary reports or the titles were wrong.

    ‘Bonde söker fru’ starts at 2.18, followed by an interview with Benny.
    Nanne Grönvall (Benny’s daughter-in-law) sings a medley of her hits at 33.00
    Nanne, Ann-Louise Hanson, Ewa Roos and Gunilla Backman (of the Swedish production of Mamma Mia!) sing ‘Du är min man’ with BAO at 39.57
    ‘Fait accompli’ starts at 43.45.

  2. Ian Cole Says:

    Allsång Program 7 – den extra halvtimmen! now online shows two more BAO performances – ‘Cadillac’ (the 1965 Hep Stars hit) and another version of ‘Bonde söker fru’. See it here.

    ‘Cadillac’ starts at 0.19
    ‘Bonde söker fru’ starts at 4.44 (straight after ‘Cadillac’).
    Nanne sings again at 8.39.

  3. Ian Cole Says:

    ‘Fait accompli’ can be seen on YouTube. “Comments & responses” also includes a rough English translation of the lyric.

    ‘Bonde söker fru’ can also be seen on You Tube.

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